This game redefines the action -
adventure genre on the PlayStation.
Real time 3D graphics allow you to
become completely immersed in the
action like never before. MGS is a spy
action thriller that involves covert
activities and tons of weapons and
communication gear. The movie-like plot
puts you right in the middle of friendship,
betrayal and even romance as you
attempt to accomplish your military.  "Rolf Lumberg"


We played the demo atthe E3 Show.  Needless to say, we were blown away. It's got moody,
realistic graphics. It's got a developing storyline told through game engine cinematics. It's got
breathtaking explosions and picture-perfect muzzle flash.  It's git atmosphere and sound,
control and mood. It's got total immersion. The Playstation has never looked so alive. This
game looks as if it could bring all the critical elements together: action, real-time 3D graphics,
story, control, and immersiveness.

You've probaly heard the story already: You play a spy who must infiltrate an enemy base -
and along the way, you'll find out why. Suffice it to say, the Metal Gear you thought were
destoyed for good in the earlier games ... well, they weren't. Metal Gear Solid is a spy-action thriller that requires covert actions at ever turn. At your disposal are myriad weapons and communication gear, even things you may not think you need, like cigarettes or a scarf.  The plot casts you right in the middle of friendship, betrayal and romance - but we don't want to give too much away. The real-time 3D graphics let you see it all; camera angles range from isometric, to overhead, to first-person, which can be particularly effective for sniping or sneaking.  And the smallest details make the world seem real: Seeing your breath in the outdoor chill, watching rats inches from your face as you slither through the base's duct system, being anle to sneak under the view of security cameras. And, as has been reported before, success in this game often has more to do with your stealth than your arsenal Especially early in the game, when your character hasn't acquired many weapons, you must sneak past guards and
cameras to avoid detection, or risk getting caught by guards - and their guns. But don't misjudge this as a lack of action.
In later levels, there's plenty of need for a trigger finger. How about going up against a Hind helicopter with the Stinger
missles you've gathered? Or repelling down the side of a building as that same Hind wails at you with its machine
guns When the action hits in Metal Gear Solid, it can be heart-stopping.

Check out the Moives Below to see for yourself

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