Half Rock Half Monkey 
All Hero
With an eye for excitment and
a nose for nonsense, Monkey
Hero is one funky monkey.
Join Monkey as he explores
massive dungeons and battles
legions of baddies in a crusade
to restore peace among the
Three Worlds. Collect the
pages of the Magic
Storybook, descend into the
Nightmare World and prepare
for the ultimate battle with
Nightmare King himself!
Dozens of enemies and bosses
Interact with scores of characters
Over 2,500 screens of adventure
Quests packed with puzzles and combat


Reviews, Tips, and Comments
Louise  louie123_@excite.com  on Saturday, January 1, 2000 at 16:14:47
Monkey is a great game, the graphics are good and the sound is resonable but the characters are the best....im 
also stuck does anyone have any cheats or anythiong if ya do can ya e-mail me?? cheers
Acacia 22  acacia@cwix.com on Sunday, July 25, 1999 at 09:40:17
I got off easy. I found this game on clearence for $10 and it's well worth every penny of it.

-Lots of fun puzzles
-Lots of exploration
-Game never gets boring

-Game is kinda short, 20-25 hours long (this is of course if the night mareking is the last battle, I haven't beaten him yet)
-Monsters are cheesey looking (like people in cockroach suits)
-Items are hidden in strange places such as the middle of temples that 
you've already been in, so you have to go back and repeat a temple. 
I'm at the end of the game and I'm missing 3 peaches 4 star crystals and 
the last staff.
-When saving a game it overwrites your last save automaticaly. This causes a problem. For example, I'm stuck in the 
nightmare kings temple and I can't go back to find the missing items.
Can't catch the Nightmare King, I keep falling in the pits that open up. Fire crackers seem to stun him, but I can't hit him 
when he's stunned! Anyone that's gotten by thiis please Email me. Thanks.

Acacia 22

Roger Wilco 
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 
Hello comrades i played the fine game yesterday on my vacation in canada it is very entertaining.
Billy Wallbert 
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 
Hello I am a gaming enthusiast and here is the review:
graphics-7.5 they may not be the prettiest but their pretty darn good.
sound-9.5 this game has amazing sound with its swingin jungle tunes.
gameplay-10.0 this is they best most playable games in the world I love it.
replay-8.0 you can play this game over and over you will never bored
although the second time around you will no what to do. 

In conclusion this is most definetly the most well rounded game on the playstation bar none.

Ventbutt Binderhat 
Monday, April 12, 1999 
LOVE IT!!! The cool monkey beats out a gay elf anyday. Zelda can kiss my white @$$, cause Monkey Hero's in town. YEE 
HAW!!! Monkey collecting his peaches and  exploring those huge dungeons are the best things ever. I hope that everybody 
who doesn't already have it goes out and buys it.
Byron Brown 
Monday, April 12, 1999
I love this game. I absolutely adore this game. THis game is nothing but sheer brilliance. It isn't quite as good as Devil Dice, 
but it is sure as heckaroonie better than a piece of rusty sheet metal. I bought this game last week, and already it's my favorite. 
Better than Tales of Destiny that's for darn sure. Anyhow, I think I'm going around in circles now, so I'll say goodbye. Goodbye.
Paul Bernardo 
Monday, April 12, 1999 
I just rented this game from blockbuster (I also rented a porno) but this game stole the show from its large in depth worlds to its 
sassy sence of humor this game rocks a#$ (can I say a%$ on internet?(the porno was great))
Jon Kennedy 
Monday, April 12, 1999 
Hello everyone. I love Monkey Hero. Especially Monkey. He is one badbutt mother monkey. Now I may be the  biggest lump of 
loser in the world, and I may be a giant wiener muffin, but I know a good game when I see one. Monkey Hero has the best graphics 
ever, bar none. That means you Zelda. From the Star Trek capital of the world, this is Jon Kennedy signing off.
Chloe Vanderbuilt 
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!  If it keeps a college student, like myself, busy and not bored when I have finals and don't want to go 
through the trouble of going out that week...then I love it!!!!!!!  GO BRUINS!!  UCLA!!
I love it!  I'm stuck in a certain place though, so I'm still looking for some hints. I made it this far with no help, but now I'm really stuck.
Carl "Monkey Man" 
This game made me think of selling Metal Gear Solid for it, just after and hour of playing at my friend's house, those guys at EGM 
don't know what they are talking about, score:3.6 out of 10!
Not too bad... It's not boring, but not so difficult that you need a Masters Degree to finish it
Tyler Vincent 
This is an excellent form of gaming entertainment. I go to Harvard, so you know when I say it's a good game, it has to be a good game. 
Monkey Hero is a brilliant example of what PLayStation guys can do. HARVARD RULES!!!!
Bimbo McSuck 
Okay, this may sound like a prank at first (ie. the name) but I don't feel comfortable putting my real name up. Anyway, I like MOnkey 
Hero. I like Mr. Domino better, cause the guy's a frickin Domino, but I like MOnkey Hero too. I'd give it a 9 out of ten. Well, goodbye.
Marlen Brando 
This is the greatest game in the world I recommend it to anyone who's a gaming enthusiast it is the pinnicle of gaming
Jay B 
How do i get through the graveyard can anyone help me? 
Domingo Sanchas 
I was fortunate enough to play this wonderfull game its packed with secrets and fun its got an old zelda feel to it and those were classics 
and so is this if you own a playstation GET THIS GAME thats all I will say!!!!!!!
Unlimited Spears and Firecrackers 
While playing, go to the room that you learned to through the spears and
firecrackers. After you have passed the test, you can go back as many times
as you want and start the test but pick up the item and walk out. You will
keep the item that you picked up.

Note: This trick can be done with anything that you can get except the
Explosive Spears because you don't have to take a test to get them. 


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