Multi Tap Setup

-This multi tap is for use
  exclusively with the 
-This muti tap can be
  used with software
  displaying the multi tap
-Connecting methods
  will differ, depending
  on the software you are
-Do not use the multi tap
  with the multi tap inserted
  in the multi tap slot.(?)
-Up to 4 player action at
  one time on one screen.
-No link cable needed
-No two disks needed
-No two TV's needed
-No two Playstations needed!
How To Use:
-When the software used
  bears the multi tap icon:
   Methods of use will vary
  depending on the software
  used. Refer to individual
  software instruction manuals
  for further details.
-When the software is not
  compativle with multi tap be
  sure to use either the multi
  tap A controller connector
  or the memory card slot.
-Although it is possible to
  use the multi tap for copy
  and erasure always be sure
  to use the multi tap A
  controller terminal and the
  memory card slot.
-The same applies when
  using two multi tap units
-Do not expose the multi
  tap to high temperatures,
  high humidity, or direct
-Do not allow the liquid or
  small particles to get into
  the multi tap or multi tap
-Do not directly touch the
  metal part.
-Do not put any heavy
  objects on the multi tap.
-Do not twist or pull the
  cable too strongly.
-Do not drop or apply strong
  shock to the multi tap.
-Never disassemble the muti
-Have fun beating several of
  your friends all at one time.
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