When FOX goes up, the ball goes down in 
NBA Basketball 2000, the officially licensed 
NBA game for Sony Playstation and PC. With 
33 NBA teams, including all-star and rookie all-
star teams, 340 players and more angles and 
special effects than any other game, it's the best 
basketball video game anywhere!
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  • Fully NBA Licensed
  • 33 NBA teams Including All Star and Rookie All Star Teams 
  • Over 340 Actual NBA Players Including Real Player Faces
  • Authentic 3-D Arenas
  • Authentic Uniforms Including 3rd Jerseys
  • Fluid AI Utilizes Cutting Edge 3-D engine
  • All-New Motion Captured Moves
  • Hundreds of Different Animations
  • Awesome New Moves Including Reverse Dunks, Fade-Away Jump Shots, and Alley-Oops
  • 'FOX Attitude' and FOX Sports presentation
  • Play-by-play and Pre-Game Analysis from FOX Sports Announcers Greg Papa and Doc Rivers
  • FOX Sports Net Broadcast Graphics and Sounds
  • Sports Ticker During Gameplay Updates You On Other Scores From Around the League
  • Exclusive FOX-Scope Replays As Seen On FOX Sports News NBA Highlights
  • Full Roster Control
  • Substitute and Trade Players
  • Complete Statistical Tracking
  • Track Season and User Stats
  • Innovative Create Player Feature
  • Edit and Create Players Including Accessories such as Knee Pads and Wrist Bands
  • Informative Player Profiles Detailed Look at Every Player in the NBA
  • In-Depth Player Attributes Every Player Rated
  • Exclusive Rebound Indicator Become an All-Star at pulling down boards
  • Real Player Fatigue and Injuries
  • Adjustable Coaching Strategies
  • Supports up to 10* Individual Players at the same time
  • Variable Modes of Play
  • Exhibition, Real NBA Season, Playoffs, Championship, and Practice
  • Variable Season Lengths 
  • Full and Partial Seasons
  • Multiple User Seasons
  • 3 Difficulty Levels
  • Rookie, Pro, and All-Pro Supports Beginners and Advanced Users

  • Serial Cable and Network Play (Win 95/98 only)

    The courtside-three point angle is among the new motion captured moves design. There are hundreds of different animations and plenty of new moves. Have your high-flyers reverse dunk, your two-guards shoot fade aways and let your point guards throw alley-oops.
    Hone in on a player as he does a devastating dunk or hits a killer "J". Hear the action FOX Sports Net anchors call pre-game and play-by-play for you.

    Complete statistical tracking and in-depth player reports offer full season, single game and individual player stats.

    Exclusive FOX-scope replays the same replays from every possible angle that you see on FOX Sports News. You can also get replays on players you create. Add accessories such as kneepads and wristbands; edit players, teams and stats.

    It's your game... Go play


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