The entertainment is back with rim-rockin', take-your-soul-to-the-hole basketball. This year 
you can go 5-on-5 or 1-on-1, on our street court, with the greatest names in the NBA past 
and present. 
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NBA Live 2000 puts real NBA personality and attitude in the game. New player speech is linked to facial animations 
for a more intense and dramatic on-court experience. Take on the greatest players of all time with 5 different All-Star 
teams comprised of players from the last 5 decades. As an added bonus you will be rewarded for hitting milestones 
with the ability to unlock the Greats and trade them to a current team.
EA SPORTS proudly introduces NBA Live 2000. New player facial animations, chatter, and celebrations after big plays 
bring NBA players to life. Choose from a variety of modes and styles to set up a game with the ultimate NBA realism, 
or pick up and play with Arcade mode for faster setup, fewer rules, and more Monster Dunks. From the opening tip to 
the final buzzer, NBA Live 2000 delivers great hoops gameplay and the most realistic player graphics ever seen. The 
Soul of Hoops comes to life in '00. 
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