College Style Gameplay and Atmosphere 
Run a variety of offensive and defensive schemes
including zone, full court press, 1-3-1 zone, box set,
motion and high post. Use the "6th Man Meter" to
fire up the home crowd like the Cameron Crazies at
Duke. Qualify for the NCAA Division 1 64 team
tournament as a powerhouse or a cinderella story
and battle for the coveted National Championship.
More than 250 Division 1 teams with home and
away jerseys. Track your favorite team or player
in 32 different categories. Revolutionary animations
include player collisions and coaches pacing the
sidelines. Utilize the new "touch shooting" to
perfect your stroke. Icon Passing and Icon
Switching putsyou in complete control of your team.
A next generation player model is combined with
989 Sports' 3D motion capture technology to
produce the best college basketball graphics
ever to grace the Playstation game console.
Former University of Kansas All-American
Paul Pierce was used for motion capture to
deliver as realistic moves as possible.
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