NCAA Football  2000
Taking college football to the next level.
Welcome to the year 2000 season of college
football. The moments you have been waiting
for, the players you dreamed of, the stats you
almost know by memory...if it's in the game, it's
in this game.
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Each year the road to the National Championship leads to
glory for one college football team. Lead your squad down that
path with NCAA Football 2000. Featuring all Division 1-A
teams, 26 1-AA teams, and a number of historical teams,
NCAA Football 2000 is deeper than ever before. Take full
control of every aspect of your program in the enhanced
Dynasty Mode™--from recruiting, cutting, and red-shirting
players to full control of the action on game day. With the new
Create-A-School option, you choose everything from
enrollment to helmet color. Whether you're fighting for the
Heisman® Trophy or battling for a bowl berth, NCAA Football
2000 is your path to gridiron glory.

The only place to play in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl,
FedEx Orange Bowl and the this year's National
Championship Nokia Sugar Bowl. 
OVER 20 POST SEASON BOWLS - Including the
Rose Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, and every major
conference and conference championship game. 
CREATE-A-SCHOOL - You choose everything from
location to helmet color. 
NEW RIVALRIES - Along with all 114 Division 1-A
programs, we've added 3 Division 1-AA programs the
MEAC, SWAC and Ivy League with updated rosters
to battle out their grudges on the field. 
RECRUTING - Take total control of the future of your
team. Play multiple seasons and recruit specific
player's to fill the gap created by that graduating
senior superstar. Take a winning program and you'd
better win games or the AD might give you the boot. 
GREAT GAMES - Replay classic match ups from the
annals of college football with 80 all-time teams. 
and chants are echoed from over 122 authentic 3-D
rendered stadiums, giving the home team the edge
it needs for victory. 
HEISMAN® TROPHY - Your favorite players could
win the most coveted individual award in college
COACHING TIPS - Take advantage of the
knowledge from The Coach's Edge™ to outwit your

Adam McClung  on Wednesday, December 15, 1999 at 18:43:55
This game is very good.  I'm so glad that EA Sports has expanded the Dynasty mode and allowed you to search for your recruits.  I also enjoy the  Create-A-School feature.  It is very cool to choose everything from school  rival to fight song. You can also use your created school in Dynasty Mode.  The bad part about it is that you have to erase a current team to use your 
created team.  But I can live with that. If you like college football and enjoy video games this one is a must have.
Jayson Havill (N/A) on Friday, December 10, 1999 at 10:46:06
The best football game ever made by any company .  This has all of the excitement of a real NCAA football game , and National Championship game .  This is a Great game , what else can I say !!! 
Brett Dowdle  on Friday, October 22, 1999 at 15:19:59
This game rocks.  This is by and far the best college football game out there.  It is so good that I am considering buying a Playstation system just to have this game.  I give this game 5 stars, even though I lost in the national tourney
here at BYU.  Peter Warick is the bomb on this game, and he doesn't even go out and pay 20 dollars for 400 dollars worth of stuff!  I love this game!!!!!
Josh Kelly  on Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 09:42:01
The makers need to make the comintaters more realalist, Like how the are on TV.

They talk about the players stats and profiles.

If they could do this the next game would kick some major A$$

Posty  on Monday, October 18, 1999 at 14:50:21
On the kickoff.  use kickoff middle. tap x. move arrow halfway over to right or left.  let the power go up and then down. the ball will be kicked and you have about a 75% chance of recovery.
Bonus Teams
To play on a particular team, enter its corresponding code at the “Secret Codes” screen – without spaces.

     Alabama ’92 -- REAL MEN PLAY ZONE 
     Alabama ’89 -- TOO MUCH D 
     Alabama ’85 -- BLOCK THAT KICK 
     Alabama ’78 -- GOAL LINES STAND 
     Alabama ’73 -- PLAY THE PASS 
     All-EA Sports team -- IN THE GAME 
     All-Tiburon team -- LASER BEAMS 
     Arizona State ’75 -- DEJA VU 
     Arkansas ’69 -- WOO PIG SOOEY 
     Army ’47 -- INSIDE N OUTSIDE 
     Auburn ’85 -- SMART BACK 
     Boston College ’84 -- MIRACLE 
     California ’82 -- THE PLAY 
     Clemson ’81 -- TOUCH THE ROCK 
     Colorado ’89 -- MISSED CHANCES 
     Florida ’96 -- PUT IN LARRY 
     Florida State ’96 -- GET THE QB 
     Florida State ’93 -- TOMAHAWK 
     Georgia ’82 -- SIC EM DAWGS 
     Georgia ’76 -- HEDGES 
     LSU ’59 -- RIGHT THIS TIME 
     Miami ’94 -- RUN OUTSIDE 
     Miami ’92 -- TOO TALENTED 
     Miami ’91 -- SHUT OUT 
     Miami ’87 -- MONSTER D 
     Miami ’86 -- FATIGUES 
     Miami ’84 -- BAD LUCK 
     Miami ’83 -- KNOCK IT DOWN 
     Michigan ’97 -- SPLIT VOTE 
     Michigan ’91 -- NICE POSE 
     Michigan ’73 -- RUNNER UP 
     Michigan State ’66 -- NEED A WIN 
     Michigan State ’65 -- BIG GREEN 
     Mississippi ’59 -- HEY REB 
     Nebraska ’97 -- CORN FED 
     Nebraska ’94 -- STEAM ROLLER 
     Nebraska ’93 -- REFUSE TO LOOSE 
     Nebraska ’91 -- HIT THE WEIGHTS 
     Nebraska ’83 -- GO FOR 2 
     Nebraska ’75 -- HERBIE 
     Nebraska ’71 -- GAME OF CENTURY 
     North Carolina ’81 -- NOTHING FINER 
     Notre Dame ’89 -- LIFT OFF 
     Notre Dame ’88 -- LEPRECHAUN 
     Notre Dame ’74 -- LOST LEAD 
     Notre Dame ’73 -- GUTSY CALL 
     Notre Dame ’66 -- TAKE THE TIE 
     Notre Dame ’57 -- STREAK OVER 
     Notre Dame ’46 -- GOLD PAINT 
     Ohio State ’79 -- JUST SHORT 
     Ohio State ’73 -- WINNING VOTE 
     Ohio State ’70 -- BRUTUS 
     Ohio State ’68 -- 5 TITLES 
     Oklahoma ’87 -- SLOW START 
     Oklahoma ’85 -- UPSET LIONS 
     Oklahoma ’71 -- SCHOONER 
     Oklahoma ’57 -- FORTY SEVEN N ONE 
     Oregon ’94 -- GREEN GANG 
     Penn State ’94 -- ALMOST NO. 1 
     Penn State ’86 -- LINEBACKER INT 
     Penn State ’85 -- SOONER LATER 
     Penn State ’82 -- LION PRIDE 
     Pittsburgh ’76 -- RUSH TD 
     Stanford ’82 -- TROMBONE 
     Stanford ’70 -- MVP QB 
     Tennessee ’97 -- SMOKEY 
     Texas ’69 -- TEXAS FIGHT 
     UCLA ’88 -- LB BRUINS 
     UCLA ’67 -- PRESS BOX 
     UCLA ’65 -- REVENGE 
     USC ’88 -- TROJAN WAR 
     USC ’79 -- MVP RUN 
     USC ’74 -- RALLY 
     USC ’68 -- NICE RUN 
     USC ’67 -- WHITE HORSE 
     USC ’62 -- FIGHT FOR TROY 
     Washington ’91 -- WILD DOGS 
     Washington State ’97 -- TURNOVER 
     Wisconsin ’62 -- BUCKY 
     West Virginia ’88 -- HURT QB 

Cheat Codes
To activate a cheat, enter its corresponding code at the “Secret Codes” screen – without spaces.

     All Exhibition mode stadiums -- STADS GALORE 
     Change title to “NCAA 1900” -- Y2K 
     Complete poll -- CONTROVERSY 
     Daylight savings time -- TIME FLIES 
     Easy tackles -- BRICK WALL 
     Easy to catch passes -- GIMMIE DA BALL 
     Easy to make interceptions -- PIX GALORE 
     Faster gameplay -- SCRAMBLE 
     Field goals have a longer range -- ICBM 
     Knockdown referee for 1 point -- BAD CALL 
     Maximum attribute points -- BLUE CHIP 
     Maximum recruiting points -- STAFF UP 
     Team has super stats -- UNSTOPPABLE 
     Torrential winds -- SAFETY 
     View CPU plays -- MIND READER 
     View introduction sequence -- BIG SCREEN 

End Zone Celebrations
To celebrate in the end zone, hold L1 + L2 after scoring a touchdown and push one of the buttons below.

Celebration       Code
Back flip         Triangle
Flex muscles      Square
Heismen pose      X
Spike ball        Circle
Spin ball         R1

(Note: You may be penalized for un-sportsman-like conduct.) 

New Stadiums
At the team select screen, go to the option of " stadium select." After the stadium screen comes up hold R2+L2 until it puts you
at the bottom of the column where the different bowls are. You should also be able to get a few pro stadiums as well. You can
get every bowl stadium from last year plus a few more. It may take a try or two but it does work.

Patch Codes
To activate a patch, enter its corresponding code at the “Secret Codes” screen. (Note: Unlike a cheat, which is
pre-programmed in software, a patch modifies gameplay by assigning certain values to addresses in memory... a la Game
Shark. Like Game Shark, incorrect entry may cause the program to crash.)

     Disable demo at main menu -- VBGIN62008041 
     Disable pre-play TV cameras -- K3G3UHF10CCG0 
     Easy CPU opponents (All-American mode) -- S3GCAH05000G0 
     Easy CPU opponents (Junior Varsity mode) -- Q209AH60A0 

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