NFL Gameday 2001 features all 31 NFL Teams with more than 1,500 
real NFL players as well as updated playbooks, a new "Play as Any 
Skill Player" option, an improved GM mode, a Draft War Room feature, 
and more! The action, once again, will be called by the team of Dick 
Enberg and Phil Simms. 
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Strap on your helmet for another hard-hitting season with NFL GameDay 2001. Take your favorite 
team from pre-season all the way to Super Bowl Sunday with this realistic football game. With 
brand new player models, eye-popping graphics and smooth game play, you will get the real NFL 
experience with this game. 

Brand-new player models recreate every NFL player in unprecedented detail, from actual size and 
weight to body type. New stadiums feature historical landmarks and progressive grass wear-and-tear. 

For the first time, see players breaking shoestring tackles and dragging and shaking would-be 
tacklers on second and third efforts. New Total Control Passing allows you to lead or underthrow 
receivers in any direction by simply pressing the directional pad. Revolutionary tackling physics 
allows you to jar the ball loose from ball carriers and receivers on perfect hits. 

New motion capture technology from 13 Pro Bowl players brings the power and athleticism of the 
NFL onto your screen. See gang tackles, low and high wrap tackles, drag downs, shoves, up-ended 
tackles, across your body and shoestring catches, sideline tip-toe catches, chop blocks, and running 
backs putting their hands on the turf to regain their balance. 

Play-by-play legend Dick Enberg and color man Phil Simms provide al the detailed commentary. 

Advanced artificial intelligence has your opponent learning your tendencies on offense and defense to 
shut down your attack. 

A new Draft War Room provides you with a report of team weaknesses that need to be addressed. 
Play in multiple seasons as a coach, player and general manager, while drafting, trading and signing 
free agents over several seasons with a salary cap. 

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