After pursuing Adam Crowley through the streets of London in 1834, Nightmare Creatures 
II puts you back on the trail of this demonic scientist one century later. Assume the role of 
Herbert Wallace, an escaped test subject of the evil Doctor Crowley. With the sadistic 
Crowley plotting to merge his power with an ancestral entity, it's up to Wallace to stop him 
from accomplishing his demented plan.
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Beau Parker  on Sunday, June 11, 2000 at 17:35:35
During the game press pause and at the same time hit up.then unpause it and do the same thing with start 
and up and you should hear a little noise( it varies every time.) if youve done this right then you have to pause 
it and hit right plus start and keep reapeating this process using all the directional keys until at the end you 
hear a monster groan.(its loud). if youve done all this right you will now be invinsible, and have all the weapons.
this is very hard because you have to hit the keys at exactly the right moment and if you mess up once then 
you have to start it over. ive done it once out of about 100 tries 
Marcus  on Sunday, June 4, 2000 at 22:24:11
After playing the first "Nightmare Creatures" years ago, I couldn't wait for the sequal to come out. Now that 
"Nightmare Creatures 2" is out on store shelfs and I've played it, I'm filled with disappointment.
Everything that made the 1st game great has been either left out of this one, or very poorly recreated. Some 
of the things that make this game a let-down I will list below.

No freedom to roam, other than on very specified paths you must take.

Very very limited moves and combos. So far, I see only 2 combos a player can use. The game becomes nothing 
more than "block, attack, block, attack,......" and doing this with the same moves over and over leads to boredom.

You are forced to fight every creature you meet. You are not given the right to decide if you should avoid or engage 
with the enemy.

Every enemy of a certain type dies the same way, unlike the 1st game where you could kill a monster a number 
of different ways with just your basic attacks.

With all the above in mind, I find it hard to believe that the same people put out both Nightmare Creatures. Too
bad the game isn't of the same caliber as the offical website.

Display Hero Live
From the Cheat menu press L2+R2+Square+Select. This will show the percentage of life left in your enemy. 

Hero Unlimited Live
While in the game, pause and then press and hold R2+L1+Square+Circle+Select. This will open a Cheats Menu. 
From here you can either activate or deactivate cheats. 

Kill Enemy
From the Cheat menu press L1+L2+R1+Square+Select. This code enables One-hit-Kills. 

Level Select
Hold L1+R2+Circle+Square. Text will appear in the upper-left corner of the screen. By pressing either left or right 
you can select your level. 

Unlimited Continues
From the Chet Menu press L1+R2+R1+Select. This will allow you to continue forever and ever and ever if need be. 

Unlimited Enemy Live
I have no idea why you would want to activate this code, but, here it is. To have all of your enemies become invincible, 
Pause the game and access the cheat menu (R2+L1+Square+Circle+Select) now input this code: Square+Circle+Select. 
Another option will appear on you cheat menu. 

Unlimited Power Up
Here's a good one, Pause the game and access the cheat menu (R2+L1+Square+Circle+Select), now press L1+R1+Select. 
This will make it so any power up you pick up will charge that particular stat to 100%.

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