The creators of Tomb Raider and Fighting Force
bring you Ninja: Shadow of Darkness.

Enter the mystical world of Kurosawa, the young ninja, as he fights his
way through 11 levels of puzzles, baddies and bosses with dozens of
fighting moves, weapons and magic spells in this third person action
arcade game from Eidos Interactive.

Dozens of fighting moves plus special magic attacks each more
powerful than the next!
More baddies and bosses then ever, including numerous
Dragons, Demons, Goblins and a host of other monsters.
Ten unique environments including forests, beaches,
mountains and demon lairs.
Developed by Core Design, the creators of
Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider 2 and Fighting Force.

"Ninja stands out of the pack... incredible special effects."  -Official Playstation Magazine
"Another hit for Eidos .. Ninja's graphical presentation is top notch."  -PS Extreme
"Ninja is something quite distinctive!" -EGM

Get The Sword
At the main screen press Left, Right, Right, Up, X, X, Square and you should get the sword.

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