You saved the former Soviet Union.  Now it's a race against time as you face nuclear terrorism that could trigger WWIII.  Follow the trail of a madman from the tropical islands of the South Sea to the forbidden valleys of interior Asia.  The countdown begins.
Get ready to Strike.
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Extra Lives 

     For four lives, enter the password PHOENIX. For five lives, enter the password WARRIOR.

Infinite Lives

     If you just can't seem to stay alive in Nuclear Strike, enter the password LAZARUS to keep

Infinite Weapon Reloads

     Enter the password GOPOSTAL to get infinite weapon reloads.

No Enemies on the First Mission
     To remove the enemies from the first mission, enter the password AVENGER.


     Strike out with this complete set of passwords.

     Level  Password
     2      CUTTHROATS
     3      COUNTDOWN
     3b     PLUTONIUM
     4      PUSAN
     5      ARMAGEDDON

Reconnaisance Mode

     For a change of pace, enter the password EAGLEEYE. You'll be taken to a peaceful version of
     the first mission.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

     To reduce your fuel consumption, enter the password MPG.

Secret Level

     Enter the password LIGHTNING to enter a secret level. If you beat it you'll see a preview of
     the next Strike game.

Speed Up

     Enter the password WARPDRIVE to speed up your vehicles.