One of them is a police officer.
The other is possessed by an
ancient evil threatening all life
on Earth.  The horrifying bond
between them will continue
until something dies.

Battle mutant monsters in real-time polygon combat
Customize weapons, armor, and character abilities
Includes 1998 Collector's CD with previews of Final Fantasy VIII and other hot upcoming titles
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                          Get 60 rounds of bullets
                            On the first level, after you beat Eve on the
                            Opera Stage, go backstage and you will
                            see the hole. If you listen carefully at the
                            hole you will hear sirens. Go back outside
                            the Operahouse and ask the cop on the far
                            right for bullets. He will give you 60 rounds.

                            Infinite Bullets
                            In the NYPD go downstair and enter the
                            left door. You can find the bullets in the box
                            near the counter get it and go out to the
                            New York map. Now return to that room
                            for more bullets. Repeat as needed.

                          Lots of Trading Cards
                            When you're at the hospital, just before you
                            go to the 13TH floor, find the room that has
                            the nurse who is looking for more hurt
                            people. Now go to the top of the room to
                            the fallen cabinet, look behind it to find lots
                            of tradng cards. Make sure you have room
                            for them in your inventory.

                          The Missing Building
                            After you win you'll be asked if you wish to
                            save. Do so, then reinsert CD #1 and
                            choose the EX game. You'll now see the
                            Chrysler Building on the Manhattan map.
                            Go inside and make your way to the top to
                            see the real enemy and ending.

                               PARASITE EVE REVIEW

                               Admittedly, Squaresoft often games often
                               have to face a higher standard than other
                               games just because so much is expected of
                               them. So if a game comes from them that
                               doesnít meet our expectations, we feel much
                               more dissapointed than usual. Parasite Eve is
                               a game like that. Itís not a bad game by any
                               means, but you canít help but feel

                               The game is billed by Square/EA as ďThe
                               cinematic RPGĒ and thatís a pretty apt
                               description. Gamers were quick to bill this
                               game as Squaresoft's answer to Resident Evil
                               because of the pre-rendered backgrounds,
                               but in all honesty thatís all the two games
                               have in common. In fact, PE shares much
                               more with itís Final Fantasy cousins than it
                               does with Resident Evil 1 or 2.

                               In the game you play a young, attractive cop named Aya Brea. After going to
                               the opera one night, and watching as the patrons and the actors are lit on fire
                               by one of the actresses (Eve), you get caught up in an adventure where the
                               fate of the world is at stake. The game is entirely played from the Resident
                               Evil forced camera perspective with pre-rendered backgrounds and polygonal
                               characters. In this case, however, the areas actually scroll a bit (which is nice)
                               and the monsters you fight warp you into a combat screen.

                               The combat is the best feature of PE. It all takes place in real-time and you
                               can run around and dodge attacks while your weapon of choice charges.
                               Then, when you are ready, you press the fire button which will show you
                               your range and what targets you have to choose from, and then you shoot.

                               All in all, it works pretty well although itís not particularly challenging. It
                               seems as if the monsters will either be easy to dodge (most things) or
                               impossible (some of the bosses). After a while all of the combat gets
                               repetitive as you figure out patterns for the plethora of random encounters
                               you will face.

                               The problem with doing combat this way is that you never see anything
                               coming and the world is barren and lifeless. Sometimes there are other
                               humans around you can talk to, but most of the time you will spend in the
                               game is just wandering around large (but beautifully rendered) empty areas.
                               Combined with Ayaís rather slow running speed (just forget about walking)
                               and the pace of the game is slowed to a crawl.

                               The story doesnít help things either as itís pretty slow. There are long
                               periods of text as characters talk to one another that you canít accelerate
                               through and most of the time itís just not interesting. There arenít even any
                               real twists to the story (well there are a few but they are very anti-climactic)
                               and the game just seems to involve Aya chasing Eve down at one location
                               after another. This gets old. Especially because the plot never really gets
                               tense. There are never any real moments where: A. You care what happens to
                               any of the characters or B. You feel as if the game is building towards a

                               The cinematics almost redeem the game because they are admittedly some of
                               the best ever seen. In fact, many will play through the game just to see all of
                               the cinemas. Theyíre that good. Unfortunately, when you beat the game you
                               are shown a REALLY BAD false ending and then a special EX mode opens

                               To get the real ending, you must go through the game again and then climb
                               to the top of a new 50 story building and fight the boss there. Adding some
                               replay value is good since the game is short (Average gamers can breeze
                               through it in around 7 hours) but not many will want to endure the whole
                               thing twice.

                               Weíve tried to make it through this review without mentioning the incredibly
                               cheap death that will happen to you after you beat the first five (yes five!)
                               forms of the final boss. There are a few others, but we feel that one will annoy
                               you the most -- especially since you canít skip ANY of the cinemtaics in the
                               game -- and itís a long build to this guy.

                               On a final note, however, the demo disc is cool and features a neat playable
                               of XenoGears as well as movies of Final Fantasy VIII and Bushido Blade II