In the near future, mankind has conquered
dimensional travel but the door we have 
opened swings both ways.  The peaceful 
city you have grown up in has become a 
haven for dark creatures from another 
world - Demons!  Now it's up to you 
and your friends to harness the hidden 
power within you by entering the fantasy 
game known as Persona

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You awaken with incredible abilities that you will need to defeat
the scores of Demon invaders and cleanse the land of their forces,
Converse with them before doing battle to determine your best course
of action.  Fight them or enlist their aid in your mission.  Either way,
you are set for the fantasy adventure of a lifetime!


Persona Cheats

Best Ending
For the best ending, give these responses to Mae when you meet her in the Lost Forest:

Mae:  "If I stay here I'll be safe, right?"
You:  "Stop!"

Mae:  "Why do you fight?"
You:  "For everyone."

Mae:  "Why must you live?"
You:  "For finding the answer."

Get Chris
Step 1:  Talk to the teacher in the room north of the entrance.

Step 2:  Search all the rooms on the 2nd floor.

Step 3:  Talk to the students in room 2-1.

Step 4:  Go to the casino in Joy Street and talk to everyone there.

Step 5:  Visit the abandoned factory.

Step 6:  Go to Yin & Yan and talk to Chris's mother.  Tell that you know Chris and that you will be his friend.

Step 7:  After leaving the hospital, meet Chris in front of the Sebec Building.

Step 8:  Do NOT allow Brad, Ellen, or Alana to travel with you.

When you meet Chris in Mary's World, he will join you.

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