Pitfall Harry explored the most treacherous jungles
in the world, but he never imagined what awaited
him beyond the jungle.....
While exploring the caverns of South America,
Harry fell into a dimensional rift that transported him
to a world of unearthly dangers.  This mysterious
land, once inhabited by the ancient Moku civilization,
had been decimated by an evil temptress...
Now her next target is Earth, and it's up to Harry to
defeat her army of sinister creatures to save it!

Swing on vines, jump acid-filled
pits, hurdle dissolvong platforms,
avoid scorpions, and encounter
new pitfalls like energy fields, and
morphing beasts.

True 360 Degree Exploration
Scramble through city ruins, trek
through an active volcano, and
escape a prison colony before the
final battle in the Scourge's Lair.

Killer Powers and Moves
Attack real-time 3-D creatures
with never-before-seen weapons
and power-ups; use swift moves
to evade enemies that morph
from the ground.

Incredible Game Mechanics
Encounter blue lucense that
causes flotation, exploding
platforms, swinging rings,
bursting lava pits and homing
proximity mines

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Extra Lives
     For extra lives, complete the demo version of Pitfall 3-D, then enter
     the password GIVEMELIFE when playing the full version.