Lots of destruction, heavy firepower, and other things that make up a happy childhood.
-Fast-paced, 3D rendered, 3/4 perspective
action with a rich, non-linear storyline.
You can play over and over and find all new
ways to rack up the body count.
-Four ruthless mercenaries. Over 50 mission
scenarios. Multiple main weapons, or
hand-to-hand combat.
-Savage, inhuman adversaries
-Digital quality, full orchestral type music score
-Explore hidden levels and secret areas
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Hints and Cheats...

Maximum Health
Highlight "REVIEW MISSION", hold SQUARE, and press CIRCLE, X, TRIANGLE. Release SQUARE, hold CIRCLE, and press SQUARE, X, TRIANGLE. The word "Cheater" should appear at the top of your screen.

Secret Level
In the Throg Breeding Facility you'll find a secret entrance to the "Lost City". Look for it in the lower right-hand corner of the map. You'll need to break through three or four secret doors to find this exit, but it's well worth it.