In a World Gone Mad...
The year- 2053. The city- 
Los Angeles. Amid the foul
air and dark, dangerous
streets, a Dragon rises from
the ashes of legend. Many
fear him. Many fall before
him. Only one will risk all to
destroy him... and that one is
you, "Blade" Hunter, Private
As Blade, you must unlock
the Dragon's deadly secret
while battling his gang of
hired muscle. Fight with fists
and weapons. Follow clues.
Interrogate seedy informants.
Use your guts and wits to
bring down the Dragon and
save the city from his evil
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A shocking, sci-fi adventure with multiple plot twists- the storyline grabs you tight and won't let go!
Hammering arcade/action sequences- shoot the bad guys before they shoot you!
Complex character intelligence- information learned in one area of the game is immediately applied in other areas!
A visually stunning futuristic environment of nearly 100 different locales!
CD quality audio track with unforgettable music and haunting sound effects!