Drive Anywhere!
.Warning: 360 degrees no rules, non-stop
racing may lead to temporary disorientation,
dizziness, loss pf awareness or involentary
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Drive anywhere on the side of walls, the roof of tunnels, 
through buildings. 
Blast away the scenery with 8 innovative weapons to 
slow down your opponents.
Choose from 6 fully armed and indestructible vehicles, each 
with its own  unique attributes
Race through 20 different tracks spread over 4 distinct racing 
2-player split screen  head to head racing action with 4 specially 
designed tracks

Tips and Tricks

Air Horns
Enter the password AIRHORNS. While playing, press Select to hear an 80's air horn.

To earn the Deathmatch option you must place first in every track of the league.

Designers High Scores
To view the developers best laps, enter the password BESTLAPS.

Everything Unlocked
Enter the password MAXCHEAT to unlock all leagues, mirror mode, mega time trial and much more.

Outworld Eruption Shortcut
When you see a tunnel at the right side of the road, enter it and immediately hug the wall (to avoid the train.) You will exit
the tunnel near the Start-Finish line


    When you are at the first straight that you can get weapons, go to the right side close to the wall. When you reach a dead
    end, go straight through it and you will enter a cave. When you get out you will be near the start-finish line.
    When you are in the straight after the tunnel turn left and you will enter a very large tunnel. When you get out you will
    be at the last straight of the track.
    Neoto.Park life:
    When you pass the arrows in the wall, do not go down. Go to the right and you will enter the park. When you get out
    you already have passed the two tunnels.

Turbo Start
Start your game as you normally would. Pick Jet as your driver. You know when the counter says "3,2,1..GO!"? Well,when
it gets to 1, hit the gas! You will get an extra boost as if you had 2 turbo boosts. This comes in VERY hand for the Time Trial

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