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It is the year 2163. The trans-dimensional fighter
"R9-Arrowhead" has finished its mission to destroy the
root of evil existing in the central area of the Bydo Empire,
and has been captured by the battle cruiser
"Croque-Monsieur" while floating in distorted space. The
Croque-Monsieur has gone through the dimensional
tunnel back to the solar system, and has returned safely to
the space fortress "Aigis" orbiting around the earth. 
Hearing the news of the Bydo's banishment and the return 
of R9 to the earth, some shouted fo job, and some gave sighs
of relief.  Two months later, the Aigis started to lock the forces
in battle against Bydo. The wounded hero, R9-Arrowhead was
stored in the hangar of the Aigis without being repaired. 
The following March, the space fortress Aigis was temporarily
closed. Only one troop remained there as the guards. 
Astromers in an observatory located on a mountain in
Central Asia observed that some objects were falling
down without becomeing smaller in spite of the
extraordinary high temperature among meteorite group,
which usually burns out when reaching the aeroshere. 
Observer were surprised at first, but soon lost interest,
because the original size of the objects was not so large,
and they started to become smaller when reaching the 
level of 15,000 meters above the earth. In
fact, 16 seconds later, the sensor could not detect them. 
In several cities, the electronically controlled weapons
became out of control. In the mountains area an abnormal
heat response was observed. Furthermore, the
annihilation force unit "Moritz-G", which had been locked
in the fortress along with the R9-Arrowhead, was
confirmed to have been released toward the ground. 
The Moritz-G fell down to one of the cities in
Asia. The planet destruction program is not
activated at present, its self-defense system
prevents anyone's approach. A top-class
emergency military operation was undertaken, and
the fighters retaliated, but their efforts were in vain.
The test fighter "R9-delta" was finally included in
the force. 

Cheats and Hints

100% Force Power and Full Power-ups
To get fulll power-ups for your weapons during any time of the game, press START to pause the game then hold L2 and enter
one of the codes below:

     100% Force power
     L, R, U, D, R, L, U, D + Triangle

     Red Power-up
     L, R, U, D, R, L, U, D + Square

     Blue power-up
     L, R, U, D, R, L, U, D + Cross

     Yellow power-up
     L, R, U, D, R, L, U, D + Circle

NOTE: Make sure you have a Force Pod before you use the power-up codes. To get the Force Pod any time of the game, do
the code for 100% Force power followed by any of the power-up codes.

Free Play Mode
Clock in 6 hours or more of game time to get unlimited continiues.

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