Magic determines who rules this medieval land. The second installment of the 
Saga Frontier story is a unique RPG adventure that can be played from the 
perspective of several different characters. New battle modes, sword maneuvers 
and combo attacks allow exceptional control over combat. Hand-painted watercolor 
backgrounds create unique and beautiful settings in this intense story of brother versus 
brother. Encounter magical artifacts, estranged family, revenge, plots and assassinations
in the struggle.
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In a setting similar to medieval Europe, magic determines who rules the land. When a young prince, Gustave XIII, 
is found incapable of wielding magical "Anima", he and his mother are exiled by the king. Years later, Gustave "The 
Steel" will attempt to regain power by bolstering his armies with machines. Magical artifacts, estranged family, revenge, 
plots and assassinations will all play a part in the struggle.  The multi-Scenario System allows gamers to select from and 
control a variety of pivotal points in history to change the balance. New battle modes (Duel, Team or Strategy), sword 
maneuvers and combo attacks allow exceptional control over combat. This extensive and involved story is played out 
through beautiful hand-painted watercolor backgrounds, providing a truly unique look and feel to the game. 

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