For a thousand years, a unique blend of 
creatures and cultures has
thrived on Arkose, a quiet, somewhat
backward world on the edge of a
sleepy galaxy (in an otherwise irritable
universe). Generations of folk
-one must use this term loosely -have
left nary a mark on the friendly exterior
of this ball of crust and mantle. Religious and
political zealots have come and gone, as
have their fortunes and followers. Some
minor wars have stirred up the masses - a few
noses bloodied by angry fists.... 
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For a thousand years, the planet Arkos has thrived as any normal planet
   should. There were a few wars, a few political zealots and movements, but by
   and large the world has been pretty darn good. Much like Earth you might say.

   But soon, people inevitably delve deeper into the planet. While taming the
   land and the mountains, there occurs a series of macabre discoveries. The
   people are finding bones...tons of them...their ancestors' the
   millions. What sort of pestilence had wrought the devastation? Was it the hand
   of man -- past citizens of Arkos -- or was it some foreign-born force?

   The questions weigh heavily on everyone and soon the entire planet is
   wrapped in cynicism, mistrust, and disappointment. The planet fractures and
   countries withdraw into isolation the way their elders did years ago, "The
   Masters of the Guild," fade into obscurity.

   But simple technology still has a place in the people's hearts, largely due to
   the Mech Smiths, or "Gadgeteers." No one knows where they hail from, but the
   Mech Smiths are NOT from the planet Arkos. Out of boredom, the Mech Smiths
   peddle peculiar technologies upon the street, but dwell in relative obscurity.

   Then, on a gentle spring evening, it all hits the fan. Chaos descends, a coastal
   town is silently crushed, and every last citizen is reduced to a smoldering pile
   of ashes. It is a plague that cares not who it attacks, reducing each victim to
   blubbering, raving, infantile lunatics. The Gadgeteers have disappeared,
   hysteria reigns, and death lurks in every shadow. Towns erect fatal barriers,
   and let no one pass, as the disease starts to breed dreadful, bloodthirsty

   Stinger, our hero, has seen his entire family, community, and church social
   reduced to dusty powder. He has nothing to do, nowhere to turn, so he heads
   for Karillon, the seat of power for the entire planet. Surely they must have a
   cure? On the road to Karillon, Stinger witnesses a path of destruction beyond
   his comprehension. But there! at a fork in the road, stands another human
   being. It is Windleaf, who relates to Stinger her tale of a terrible creature, a
   phantasm, scooping up and treasuring each dust pile, each former person.
   Stinger had seen the creature too, and together they set off, aware of the ever
   growing danger.

   And such is the backstory of Shadow Madness, Crave Entertainment's new
   RPG for the Sony PlayStation. With pre-rendered backdrops reminiscent of
   Final Fantasy VII, classic RPG battle structure, a well-constructed story, and a
   blend of mech and magic (FF III anyone?), Shadow Madness looks to be
   1998's benchmark for U.S. produced RPGs.

James on Thursday, December 23, 1999 at 09:19:13
This game is a digital masterpeice, having the qualities of many RPG's, but yet is unique. The graphics are spectacular, but more so , the battle system can become addicting.This game is sure to spark the next generation of RPG gaming. I've played many RPG's, and this is the best one I've played yet.It starts with the main character, Stinger, venturing out into the woods, aroused by an explosion.He finds chared remains and ruins.But more to his surprise, he comes  back to find his townspeople dead, and many with a shadow fobia, they are paranoid by their own shadow. Unlike other games, this one has a never-changing plot.Many Foes and friends await you in this great adventure available for the playstation console.
SilverPP7 on Tuesday, December 14, 1999 at 21:28:53
Go to Karillon, and travel to where the ally way is. When there tape down the X button (make sure that you are at least on the second class, and have the game on normal setting. Leave the game for at least an hour and you sould have maxed levels. Just to be save, buy about 70 Tropper arrows before you start this trick, and check on your characters every 15 minutes, just in case there where any problems
Bonus Songs
Place any of the CD's in your stereo to listen to some bonus songs. 

Easy Level-Ups 
When you get to Karillon, Go left until you to an alleyway with a cemetary.
Just past the cemetary are a bunch of guys who will fight you for 100 coins.
You can fight them as often as you wish. Each battle will earn you about 500
to 800 exp. 

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