Shoot your way through several action packed levels that 
are loaded with tons of sprite-based enemies, large fully 
animated bosses and beautiful multi-scrolling backgrounds 
that will all push the 2-D capabilities of your Sony PlayStation 
to its limits! 
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* 4 different endings.

* Battle several different enemies including 12 bosses.

* Supports Dual shock and Digital Analog controllers.

* Gather 6 different weapons as you fight through this action-packed game.

* Visit 7 different worlds, each with multiple paths.

Shoot Fast! 

Get ready for some intense action and classic 2-D gameplay! Silhouette Mirage is the 
latest 2-D action game from Treasure, the brilliant Japanese game company that is
responsible for some of the best action games ever created, such as Gunstar Heroes 
and Dynamite Headdy for the Sega Genesis and Guardian Heroes for the Sega Saturn. 

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