Race Your Dream Cars
BMW, Porsche, Saleen. The names mean speed
but there's only one wat to truly test their limits-
GT Series Racing! Buy, Modify. and tune your cars 
for max performance. Blow past the competition,
and rise through the ranks of the GT Series. 
Performance-enhancing upgrades and tuning options
Superb Vehicle dynamics and cunning A.I. opponents
Day and Night racing with variable weather conditions
Four ultra competitive GT Series
Two-Player head to head racing

nyfrank55@hotmail.com on Wednesday, October 13, 1999 at 21:09:46
Sports car gt is cool but i am wondering if you know how to get the team saleen allen mustang and all of the other cars i already have the BMW ptg m3.  and that code for all cars doesn't work.  pleez mail to the address above.
10 Cars
For 10 additional cars, simultaneously press Square, X, Triangle and Start. 

All Cars
To unlock all cars, press UP, LEFT [two times], RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, L1, SQUARE at the title screen. (Note: This cheat
also awards players with additional money!) 

Easy Money
In the 2nd class of races, go to the left until you come to the pink and silver Saleen Mustang. Buy it for 30,000$, then you should be
able to sell it for 55,000$. Keep this up and you can have all the money that you want.

(Note: it will not work with any other car.) 

Unlock Season Races
To unlock additional races, press DOWN [two times], LEFT, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, CIRCLE, R2. 

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