Street Fighter EX2 Plus is the sequel to last year's smash hit, Street Fighter EX Plus. 
Itís filled with all the specials, supers, and combos you need with even more razzle-
dazzle effects than the first game. Classic fights are included, as well as new additions. 
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Street Fighter EX 2 Plus promises to deliver Capcom's signature gameplay and incredible control that millions 
of fans worldwide have loved for more than a decade. Street Fighter EX 2 Plus features many of the legendary 
Street Fighters and are joined by an eclectic new cast of Capcom characters, each with a unique link to previous 
Street Fighter games. 
Street Fighter EX 2 Plus features numerous game modes including: Arcade Mode, a direct conversion from the 
popular arcade title by the same name and Vs Mode, the standard two-player mode where players can choose 
different characters at the end of eachmatch. This mode also allows characters to choose between a 'one-on-one 
Versus' battle or 'team' battle utilizing up to five characters on each team. If 'one-on-one Versus' battle is chosen, 
players are allowed to make handicap adjustments based oneach player's skill level. Practice Mode lets players 
practice a specific characters' moves in either training or trial mode. 

Training Mode is a standard practice mode where players can practice any move on an inactive opponent. Trial 
Mode commands players to execute specific moves, chains and super combos. Director Mode allows players to 
edit replay data to make their own movie. Finally, the Bonus Mode tests players'reflexes and overall fighting skill 
by rolling barrels that must quickly be destroyed. 

Street Fighter EX 2 Plus sees the return of legendary fighters such as Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Zangief, Dhalsim, 
Blanka, Vega, Segat, M. Bison, Garuda, Shadow Geist and Kairi. Players will also see the return of Hokuto, Doctrine 
Dark, Skullomania, Sharon, Nanase, P. Purna and Darun from the original Street Fighter EX Plus. Street Fighter EX 2 
Plus introduces Rosso, a new character who seeks vengeance because he lost a very close friend, and Area, who 
utilizes her father's inventions to defeat all who oppose her. 

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