Create your own skatepark! Limited only by your imagination, turn an abandoned 
warehouse into your personal skate park with an assortment of obstacles, including 
Bowls, Pipes, Rails and more. Street Sk8er 2 delivers high speed arcade style 
gameplay. Features over 200 tricks and combos as well as individual skater attributes 
(power, cornering, jumping, speed) that really affect play. 
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Hit the streets again with Street Sk8ter 2 from Electronic Arts. Choose your board and try tons of killer combos 
with this action-packed game. Hang on tight, you don't get any points for falling off. 
Street Sk8er 2 is taking the best parts of both Tony Hawk and Rockstar's Thrasher: Skate and Destroy. The 
character models are large and well animated a la Tony Hawk but have the same grungy street look that the 
skaters in Thrasher boasted. Each one was well designed with multiple obstacles to trick off and unique backgrounds. 

One of the most impressive graphical features, though, was the lighting, which already overshadows that done in 
any previous skateboarding title. Half-broken windows allow streams of random sunlight to enter dark warehouses, 
bringing spray-painted graffiti into stark relief and showing off the dirt from years of neglect. 

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