EA Sports introduces the first full Supercross racing 
simulation for the PlayStation. Real riders, teams, 
tracks, and bikes bring the EA Sports Supercross 
Series to life in Supercross 2000. 
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Authentic Supercross racing. The only offical licensed game of the EA Sports 
Supercross Series. This is the first game where the real sport and the interactive 
game are so closely tied together.

Real bikes, riders, and tracks featuring 25 of the world's top riders. Blast out for 
the hole shot, ride with the pack, fly over jumps and pull sick tricks in mid-air.

High-flying jumps and close-quarters racing action - Go for broke, but be perpared 
to pay for the consequences.

Race the actual EA Sports Supercross season: Choose your favorite rider or 
create a rider from scratch and build a career.

3D stadium worlds - No popup, redraw, or tricks: you're always in a continuous 
stadium environment

Realistic bike physics with varying track conditions as the race progresses. 
Ruts form and deepen as you race.

Split-screen head-to-head racing.

Stephen Lynch  on Sunday, December 5, 1999 at 11:19:44
This game is the best Bike game on Playstation.Its so realistic.It has evrything you expect and more.Dual Shock provides even more realistics for this game as you can feel the burn and the crashes.

p.s.You can crash.

While in the air, hold Circle and press d-pad in the following directions to execute a stunt.

Stunt                   Code
Bonzai                  Left, Right
Can Can                 Down, Right, Up
Cliff Hanger            Right, Down, Left
Cordova                 Left, Up, Right
“Nothing”               Right, Up, Left
Rear Fender grab        Up, Down
Saran Wrap              Up, Right, Down
Side Heel click         Down, Left, Up
Superman                Left, Down, Right
Superman Fender grab    Up, Left, Down
Vertical Fender grab    Down, Up

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