Featuring some of the industry's hottest Motorcross 
and Supercross racers, as well as officially licensed 
dirt bikes, Super Cross Circuit brings authentic 
Motorcross racing to the PlayStation like no other 
videogame before. 
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Supercross Circuit comes to 989 Sports from the makers of COOL BOARDERS 3. 
Experience incredibly realistic motocross and supercross action by virtue of pure "MotoPhysics", 
a specifically designed physics engine that will exhaust gamers who make it through a grueling, 
hard-fought race. 9 authentic stadium supercross courses and 12 motocross tracks display 
tell-tale signs of wear (tire ruts, puddles) and tear. Stand out at the "Local Tracks " on your machine. 
If you win you’ll move onto the outdoor Nationals and the Supercross Circuit 
From the makers of Cool Boarders 3.

Real 125cc, 250cc and 400cc bikes and equipment from top manufacturers.

15 crazy tricks like heel clickers and nac-nacs.

Bust huge air and sick stunts in free ridde mode.

The too Pro riders including Albertyn, Dowd, Emig, LaBocco, Tortelli, Ward and Windham.

21 authentic supercross and motocross tracks plus 4 "local tracks".

Gamers will test their mettle while handling a 200-pound bike as they 
navigate hairpin turns, bumps, straightaways and free-ride at 80 miles 
per hour.SuperCross Circuit includes 16 challenging Supercross 
stadium tracks and 12 death defying outdoor Motorcross courses. 
Players will race against the hottest industry champion riders like 
Mike LaRocco, Larry Ward, Greg Albertyn, Ryan Hughes and many 
more. Experience the thrill of real SuperCross racing from the safety 
of your couch.

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