Exiled from the world's most powerful secret organization, Gabe Logan and Lian Xing are the 
world's only hope of stopping the sale of the Syphon Filter virus to the highest bidder. Utilizing 
the most deadly high-tech weaponry ever designed, enter the tense world of stealth and intrigue 
where it's not who you know, but who's on your side. Beware the enemy within. 
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* Use a huge, deadly arsenal of more than 25 weapons such as sniper rifles, nightvision rifle, flame 
thrower, grenade launcher, nightvision goggles, tear gas, combat knife and a crossbow. 

* Explore 3 vast worlds and more than 20 thrilling levels. 

* Take on enemies as either of 2 playable characters. Depending on the level, play as Gabe Logan 
or Lian Xing in your quest to defeat the top commandos in the world, as well as U.S. intelligent agents. 

* Multiple targeting modes provides shooting options for enemies in regular clothing, flak jackets or 
full body armor. 

* All-new 2 player mode allows for action-packed, head-to-head battles. 

* 2 CD set provides more action, longer movies and more thrilling gameplay.

Jesse Rowe on Sunday, March 26, 19100 at 00:36:02
Strategy Guide

Mission select 
Pause the game, highlight the "Map" option, then hold Right + L2 + R2 + Circle + Square + X (simultaneously). 
If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, enter the options screen and choose the "Cheats" 
selection. Alternately, successfully complete the game to unlock the level select option. 

Super Agent mode 
Pause the game, highlight the "Weaponry" option, then hold L2 + Select + Circle + Square + X (simultaneously). 
If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, enter the options screen and choose the "Cheats" selection.

Movie theater 
Pause the game, highlight the "Briefing" option, then hold Right + L1 + R2 + Circle + X (simultaneously). If you 
entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, enter the options screen and choose the "Cheats" 
selection. Alternately, successfully complete the game to unlock all but two of the game's movies. The final two 
movies are unlocked when the game is successfully completed on the hard difficulty setting. 

Expert mode 
At the title screen, highlight the "One Player" option. Then, hold Up + L1 + R2 + Select + Circle + X + Square (simultaneously).

Rockies multi-player stage 
Find the H11 sniper rifle on the first level (Colorado Rockies) to unlock the Rockies multi-player map. The 
H11 is near the waterfall and ice arch where you first meet Chance. Instead of jumping over the waterfall 
chasm, hang from the edge of the chasm and drop down into the tunnel. The H11 is in there.

Caves multi-player stage 
Find the binoculars in the Colorado Interstate 70 level. They are located behind the first closed door on your left 
that you reach. Press Triangle to open the door. This reveals a passage. Go left, open another door, and enter 
the room. The box containing the binoculars is in this room.
Pharcon Site multi-player stage 
Find the girlie magazine in the Pharcon Lab, after you taze the guards. It is located after you go through the Mars exhibit.

Bunker multi-player stage 
Find the PK-102 in the Moscow Streets level. There is a point where two cars will try to run you over at the same time, 
and you have to leap and grab a pole above you to avoid them. After this happens, drop down, and go back and search 
the two newly crashed cars. Face the tail ends of the cars. The car on the right has the PK-102 inside. The cars are on
fire, so search carefully. Additionally, after the cars crash an enemy will get out of each car. At least one of them has a 
M-79 grenade launcher.
Additional multi-player characters 
Find the M-79 grenade launcher on the second to last level (New York Sewers) to unlock the following seven 

multi-player characters: Ninja Gabe, Scuba Lian, Unit 1 (armored trooper from the Bio-Lab Escape level), Dr. Elsa 
Weissinger, Uri Gregorov, Lawrence Mujari, and SWAT officer (helped in the New York Slums level). The M-79 is near 
the end of the level (in the parking garage). Near the top of the stairs is an open doorway into the parking garage, where 
a black van is driving past. Instead of exiting the stairwell at that location, keep climbing up the stairs. There will be five 
Agency operatives scattered on the landings above armed with silenced HK-5s, grenades, and M-79s. Use the M-79 to 
clear them out. The M-79 is on the top landing.
Game Shark Codes 

Unlock All Missions
8014AF3C 0015

Have All Weapons & Items
8012A5B0 FFFF
8012A5B2 FFFF

Infinite Armor
D0089E68 0006
80089E6A 2400

Max 9mm Ammo
3012A5C0 0063

Infinite 9mm Ammo
3012A5C2 0063

Max Silenced 9mm Ammo
3012A5BC 0063

Infinite Silenced 9mm Ammo
3012A5BE 0063

Max .45 Ammo
3012A5C4 0063

Infinite .45 Ammo
3012A5C6 0063

Max M-16 Ammo
3012A5C8 0063

Infinite M-16 Ammo
3012A5CA 0063

Max HK-5 Ammo
3012A5D0 0063

Infinite HK-5 Ammo
3012A5D2 0063

Max Silenced HK-5 Ammo
3012A5CC 0063

Infinite Silenced HK-5 Ammo
3012A5CE 0063

Max PK-102 Ammo
3012A5D4 0063

Infinite PK-102 Ammo
3012A5D6 0063

Max Shotgun Ammo
3012A5D8 0063

Infinite Shotgun Ammo
3012A5DA 0063

Max UAS-12 Ammo
3012A5DC 0063

Infinite UAS-12 Ammo
3012A5DE 0063

Max G-18 Ammo
3012A5E0 0063

Infinite G-18 Ammo
3012A5E2 0063

Max BIZ-2 Ammo
3012A5E4 0063

Infinite BIZ-2 Ammo
3012A5E6 0063

Max K3G4 Ammo
3012A5E8 0063

Infinite K3G4 Ammo
3012A5EA 0063

Max H11 Ammo
3012A5EC 0063

Infinite H11 Ammo
3012A5EE 0063

Max Sniper Rifle Ammo
3012A5F4 0063

Infinite Sniper Rifle Ammo
3012A5F6 0063Max 

Silent Sniper Rifle Ammo
3012A5F0 0063

Infinite Silent Sniper Rifle Ammo
3012A5F2 0063

Max Nightvision Rifle Ammo
3012A5F8 0063

Infinite Nightvision Rifle Ammo
3012A5FA 0063

Max M-79 Ammo
3012A60C 0063

Infinite M-79 Ammo
3012A60E 0063

Max Tear Gas Launcher Ammo
3012A628 0063

Infinite Tear Gas Launcher Ammo
3012A62A 0063

Max Crossbow Ammo
3012A5FC 0063

Infinite Crossbow Ammo
3012A5FE 0063

Max Incendiary Grenades
3012A610 0063

Infinite Incendiary Grenades
3012A612 006

Colorado MountainsInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801ACA7C 0096
D011EC70 0003
801AC558 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801ACA7A 0258
D011EC70 0003
801AC556 0258

McKenzie Airbase InteriorInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801B08A8 0096
D011EC70 0003
801B0538 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801B08A6 0258
D011EC70 0003
801B0536 0258

Colorado Interstate 70Infinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801A9390 0096
D011EC70 0003
801A91F0 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801A938E 0258
D011EC70 0003
801A91EE 0258

I-70 Mountain BridgeInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801ADB14 0096
D011EC70 0003
801AD7F0 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801ADB12 0258
D011EC70 0003
801AD7EE 0258

McKenzie Airbase ExteriorInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801B9E18 0096
D011EC70 0003
801B9A34 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801B9E16 0258
D011EC70 0003
801B9A32 0258

Colorado Train RideInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801AC48C 0096
D011EC70 0003
801ABD08 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801AC48A 0258
D011EC70 0003
801ABD06 0258

Colorado Train RaceInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801ABA50 0096
D011EC70 0003
801AB6DC 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801ABA4E 0258
D011EC70 0003
801AB6DA 0258

C-130 Wreck SiteInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801B0DF4 0096
D011EC70 0003
801B0D60 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801B0DF2 0258
D011EC70 0003
801B085E 0258

Pharcon Expo CenterInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801B6224 0096
D011EC70 0003
801B5FEC 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801B6222 0258
D011EC70 0003
801B5FEA 0258

MorganInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801B6294 0096
D011EC70 0003
801B6168 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801B6292 0258
D011EC70 0003
801B6166 0258

Moscow Club 32Infinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801B62F4 0096
D011EC70 0003
801B60CC 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801B62F2 0258
D011EC70 0003
801B60CA 0258

Moscow StreetsInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801ACC18 0096
D011EC70 0003
801AC634 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801ACC16 0258
D011EC70 0003
801AC632 0258

Volkov ParkInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801A77A8 0096
D011EC70 0003
801A7320 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801A77A6 0258
D011EC70 0003
801A731E 0258

GregorovInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801C8B04 0096
D011EC70 0003
801C8944 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801C8B02 0258
D011EC70 0003
801C8942 0258

Aljir Prison Break-InInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801AFB18 0096
D011EC70 0003
801AF48C 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801AFB16 0258
D011EC70 0003
801AF48A 0258

Aljir Prison EscapeInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801AD490 0096
D011EC70 0003
801ACFB4 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801AD48E 0258
D011EC70 0003
801ACFB2 0258

Agency Bio-LabInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801BE970 0096
D011EC70 0003
801BE74C 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801BE96E 0258
D011EC70 0003
801BE74A 0258

Agency Bio-Lab EscapeInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801AC2A8 0096
D011EC70 0003
801AC094 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801AC2A6 0258
D011EC70 0003
801AC092 0258

New York SlumsInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801AD98C 0096
D011EC70 0003
801AD1B0 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801AD98A 0258
D011EC70 0003
801AD1AE 0258

New York SewerInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801B20F8 0096
D011EC70 0003
801B1E08 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801B20F6 0258
D011EC70 0003
801B1E06 0258

FinaleInfinite Health
D011EC70 0004
801B37EC 0096
D011EC70 0003
801B3758 0096

Infinite Armor
D011EC70 0004
801B37EA 0258
D011EC70 0003
801B3756 0258

Note: If you use any of the ammo codes with the Game Shark Pro, then you must disable the codes at the main
menu and enable them again once a game begins.

Quentin Common on Saturday, March 18, 19100 at 08:40:35
Kill foes with half the ammo:

Start a game and pause to get the various menus. Highlight the map menu. With that option highlighted, press and 
hold Right, R1, L2, X. If done correctly, you should hear a laugh. Now it should take half as many shots to kill enemies.

2-Player Arenas and Characters
There are 10 hidden items that must be picked up in the single player mode to open the 10 locked 2 player arenas. 
There are 20 Arenas in all. Some of these hidden items, such as the Binoculars, are inventory items and others such 
as the Girly Mag and Dirty Laundry cannot be seen in your inventory when picked up.

There are a total of 28 characters, but only 10 of them are initially available. The other 18 characters are unlocked 
through 2 secrets in the latter half of the game. What they are is unclear at this time.

Hard Mode
In the in-game options menu, you can view movies that you have unlocked during your progress through the game. 
You'll see 2 extra movies that you couldn't get by playing through the first time. To unlock these movies you must 
play the game in 'HARD' mode and to get this mode, do the following. Go to the title screen and then New Game, 
press Up+Select+L1+R2+Square+Circle+X at the same time. Finishing certain levels on hard mode unlocks bonus 

Level Select
Pause the game, highlight the "Map" option, then hold Right + L2 + R2 + Circle + Square + X (simultaneously). 
Then, enter the options screen and choose the "Cheats" selection.

Mission Secrets, and what they unlock

  • Mission 1 Colorado Rockies: When you find the H11 crate in the cave near the waterfall ravine you will 
  • unlock the "Colorado Rockies" arena. 
  • Mission 3 Colorado Interstate 70: When you get the Binoculars out of the crate in the back room of the first 
  • tunnel you will unlock the "Caves" arena. 
  • Mission 8 C-130 Wreck Site: Kill Archer with one shot as he rides the chopper (good luck) and you will unlock 
  • the "Jungle" arena. Also, if you beat this mission in less than 3 minutes you will unlock the Syphon Filter 1 
  • characters for 2 Player mode. 
  • Mission 9 Pharcom Expo Center: When you find the Girly Mag in the locker you will unlock the "Pharcom 
  • Incubator Lab" arena. 
  • Mission 11 Moscow Club 32: If you kill all three body guards on the dance floor in the beginning before they 
  • toss grenades you will unlock the "Disco Basement" arena. 
  • Mission 12 Moscow Streets: get the PK-102 from one of the white cars that try to flatten you and you will 
  • unlock "Rhoemer's Bunker" arena. 
  • Mission 13 Volkov Park: If you can get to the first car before the agent blows it up you'll find a Biz-2 inside. 
  • This will unlock "Surreal" arena. 
  • Mission 15 Aljir Prison (Break-in): If you can make it through the whole level without the crossbow you'll unlock 
  • the "Aljir Prison" Arena. 
  • Mission 18 Agency Bio-Lab (Escape): When you enter the Operating Room you will unlock the "Agency 
  • Computer Lab" arena. You get to the Operating room by entering the ventilation shaft that you exited last in 
  • the previous mission -not the second one that leads out into the hallway. 
  • Mission 19 New York Slums: Find the Dirty Laundry in the washer in the burning building. This will unlock 
  • "D.C. City Park" Arena. 
  • Mission 20 Slums District: If you make it to the top of the stairway in the parking garage you will find a crate 
  • with an M-79 inside. This will unlock the Syphon Filter 2 characters for 2 Player mode.
Note: To view the following movies you must use the MOVIE THEATER code above.
  • Unlock Bonus Movie 1: Play on Hard mode up to level 6, United Pacific Train. 
  • Unlock Bonus Movie 2: Play on Hard mode up to level 12, Industrial District. 
  • Unlock Bonus Movie 3: Play on Hard mode up to level 17, Agency Bio-Lab. 
  • Unlock Bonus Movie 4: Complete the game on Hard mode
Super Agent mode
Pause game play and highlight the "Weaponry" option. Then hold Select + L2 + Circle + Square + X (in that order). A sound 
will confirm correct code entry. Enter the options screen and select "Cheats". Super Agent mode allows enemies that have
flak jackets to be killed with a single shot

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