You assume the role of the heroic policeman Waffle and it?s 
up to you to protect the floating Islands of Prairie. With the 
aid of your mini police blimp you?ll travel through the land in 
search of the mischievous Black Cats Gang. In order to stop 
the Black Cats you?ll have to jump into your trusty mech-suit 
to run, fly, shoot, climb, jump your way through 8 exciting 
lands filled with dangerous obstacles. 
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* Explore a vast 3D world inhabited by lovable characters that you can interact with. 

* Run, jump, climb, and even fly through floating islands of adventure. 

* Experience the wonder of dramatic anime sequences. 

* Characters come to life with spoken dialog. 

* Dual Shock Analog Controller compatible.

Endless sky, vast ocean, and numerous floating islands These are what the airborne 
kingdom of Prairie is comprised of. 

Prairians are the descendants of the people who, for some unknown reason, came to 
the archipelago and settle in the area several hundred years ago. They discovered that 
the entire archipelago was the vestiges of an ancient civilization, and named it "Prairie,"
which translates to "the revived earth." They excavated still-functioning machineries and 
parts from the ruins, put them into practical use, and flourished the society. 

At Ferzen, where the excavation of artifacts and ruins are the most common, a gigantic 
relic called "the head of the Iron Giant" has been unearthed recently. There are other 
relics related to the Iron Giant, such as "the sword of the Iron Giant" which is enshrined 
at Grimto (perhaps it is more accurate to say that the island is impaled by the sword), 
but the knowledge of the Iron Giant itself is a mystery yet to be unraveled. 

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