One thousand years ago, a comet possessing special energies crashed into this world.  The
planet's axis was thrown out of balance and many countries suffered great floods.  The
impact of the collision threw dust clouds into the air and blocked off all sunlight from the
planet's surface, plunging the world into an artificial winter that lasted for decades.

Survivors raced to build floating cities in an effort to reach the warmth and light of the sun.
It was during this time when a new source of energy called LENS was developed from the
core material of the deadly comet.

The discovery of Lens and further research fueled rapid advances in technology, and
DYCROFT, an AEROPOLIS (a city in the sky) was completed within the short span of a
year.  However, only a select few were chosen to live in the Aeropolis, leaving the general
population to remian on the cold, desolate, glacier-covered surface of the planet.

As time passed, those who lived on the Aeropolis came  to call themselves the AETHEREANS
and began their rule over the E'RTHERS, or the unfortunate outcast masses who lived on the
surface.  The Aethereans eventually developed the BELCRANT, a powerful and lethal weapon
of mass destruction designed to punish th E'rthers who resisted their rule.

In time, E'rthers rebelled against the despotic rule of the Aethereans, thus begining a
full-scale war called the AETHER WARS.  Although the Aethereans had an overwhelming
advantage over the E'rthers at first, a group of Aetherean scientists who developed the
deadly Belcrant defected to the surface out of their hatred for the despotic, elitist Aetherean
regime.  This was a pivotal moment in history that turned the tide against the Aetherians.

These scientists brought their knowledge of the latest Lens technologies and applied it
to the development of the ultimate weapon, the SWORDIAN - a sword weapon imbued with
sentience.  These weapons finally enabled the E'rthers to resist the Aeropolis.

Thanks to the valiant efforts of warriors known as the Swordian masters and their
Swordians, scores of Aeropolis were destoyed and sunk to rest in the depths of the deepest
seas.  In the end, the E'rthers claimed victory over the Aetherians.

Some several hundred years after the Aeth'er Wars anded, people forgot about this terrible
war and the Aethereans.  In the meantime, the Swordians entered into stasis sleep since they
were no longer required to fight the Aetherians.  The Swordians would remain in their self-
imposed sleep until they were called upon to battle evil once again.....

Stahn Aileron, a stowaway on a giant dragon ship, finds a
mysterious sword and becomes involved with a chain of events that
threatens to destroy the very existence of his planet.  Join Sathn and
his friends as they travel the world seeking fame an fortune, while
uncovering the secrets of an ancient civilization.

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