Prowl and strike with lethal precision as ninja
assassins Rikimaru or Ayame in the shadowy
world of feudal Japan.  Armed with mystical
weapons and sheer cunning, you must shed blood
with discretion and move without detection.  For
only the unseen survive.

Stealth Fighting Tactics
Authentic Ninja Weapons
Go-Anywhere 3-D Environments
Master dozensof motion-captured
ninja moves as you diembowel
fearsome samurai, wild beasts, and 
evil demons.  Assassinate incredibly
cunning enemies before they see
you coming, and attain victory by
being an invisible shadow warrior.
Wield 20 stunning death-
dealing deves, including
throwing stars, grappling hooks,
caltrops, granades, poison, and
magic spells, Unleash long-range
attacks with a unique 1st-person
targeting system.
Stalk the towns, temples, forests,
caves and dungeons of 16th century
Japan in 10 deadly missions.  A user-
contollable camera helps you climb
trees, wade through rivers and creep
along rooftops to avoid detection


TENCHU is one of the hottest games that we at Player's Choice have ever played.
  The game takes place in the 12th century Japan. The player can either be a male or a
 female ninja (Rikimaru and Ayame).  Imagine Resident Evil 2 and being a stealthy Ninja.
  You can jump up on the roof or hide behind walls. Battles can take place at anywhere,
 inside castles, street alleys, rooftops, etc. You can use many ninjitsu techniques like shuriken
 throwing, smoke-bombing and hack'n'slashing with the ninja sword (which appears to be rather
 bloody).  The best part of the game is sneaking up on your enemies.  You can fight them face to face, but it is a little harder.  You can sneak up behind them and slice their neck.  Awesome!
Check out some of these screen shots from us playing it.
I caught this guy of guard.  Say goodbye to your neck!

Fighting is pretty fun!  Just be careful.

This guy has no idea I was up there!

Caught in an alley.

Two of them gang up on me and I have no chance to survive against their spears.

One is easier!

This is a happless lady below.  To bad she is on the wrong side!!

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