Test Drive 6 combines seamless, jaw-dropping 
graphics with all new car handling to make one of the 
best racing games ever. Rocket through breathtaking 
environments that feature breakable objects, 
unpredictable  obstacles, and nerve-racking shortcuts.
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Test Drive 6 combines seamless, jaw-dropping graphics with completely new car handling 
to bring one of the most complete PlayStation racing experiences to life. Rocket through 
breathtaking interactive environments that feature breakable objects, unpredictable obstacles, 
and nerve-racking shortcuts - in cars you can only dream of owning. 
40 unique licensed vehicles with multiple color combinations.

30 NEW tracks in different locations around the world.

NEW car skins bring every car to life like never before.

More than five different upgrade attributes available with every car.

Revolutionary Interactive Driving Environments that feature breakable objects, unpredictable 
obstacles, and nerve-racking shortcuts.

NEW Environment Specific Sounds - pin-point specific sounds as they occur at specific 
sections of the track.

Completely re-vamped car physics give every car in its class a specific driving style and 
handling model.

Advanced Environment Mapping delivers eye-popping graphics with shadows, shading, 
and reflections that bring the cars and track to life.

Multiple cop chases present a new challenge - either more than one police car chasing 
you, or two or more cops chases taking place at the same time.

Police helicopters track you down at night so troopers know where to pull you over.

Four Driving Classes - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Novelty. 

Tournament Mode allows you to win cash, upgrade your car, and make race-by-race 
wagers 'Final Jeopardy' style.

Pink Slip racing in Head-To-Head mode.

Rotating Hi-Res instant replays featuring birds-eye camera angles. 

NEW AI allows each computer drivers to react differently to different situations.

Killer licensed soundtrack featuring original music by big name artists

Test Drive is back and better than ever . . . Check This Out! Try a Lotus GT-1 
on for size. How about a Dodge Viper GTS? Does the Shelby Series 1 have what 
it takes to satisfy? Strap into the Plymouth Prowler or Jaguar XKR to get your thrills. 
Test Drive muscle and speed with cars from Dodge, Plymouth, Macros, TVR, 
Jaguar, Aston Martin, Subaru, Caterham, Nissan, Audi, Venturi, Panoz, 
Lotus, Shelby, Toyota, and Ford. 

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