Test Drive Off-Road 3 takes the Test Drive Off-Road series to new
heights with several all new features including; modifiable vehicles,
branching tracks, two-player split-screen racing, damageable
vehicles, Off-Highway Patrol mode and several others. Expanding
the off-road tradition of rock-solid racing action and adding deeper
gameplay, Test Drive Off-Road 3 allows players to modify their
vehicles to make 'the right truck for the right track." 
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                   * Exclusive license for the world famous Hummer, by AM General.

                   * Incredible 3D driving engine with a brand new physics model.

                   * Modifiable Vehicles, even update your trucks.

                   * Branching tracks.

                   * 2-player split screen.

                   * 27 licensed off-road vehicles.

                   * 11 tracks in real world locations with point-to-point and circular layouts.

                   * Extensive varitey of racing modes.

                   * Licensed soundtracks.

Tweak the transmission, suspension, and tires or add special items
to increase each truck's track performance. Race to the finish line
between trees, over hills, through mud, sand, snow, water, and
any other obstacle that stands in the way. With destructible
objects and animated environments, players can smash and crash
through obstacles and barriers, plow through cacti, topple trees,
and crash through fences and roadblocks exposing new areas and
shortcuts. Test Drive Off-Road 3 gives the player the choice of
more than 30 licensed vehicles, each with their own specific
attributes. Each truck reacts differently on each track, so strategy
is key to winning the world cup.


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