This game is packed with stunning Anime
sequences and 12 hours of interactive voice
dialog! Unleash the fury of attacks such as the
tornado voice and rock geyser!
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Thousand Arms is set in a mythical world of swords and machines.
You take the role of Meis Triumph, the youngest in a generation of
noble blacksmiths. Along the way, he'll encounter helpful allies,
cunning enemies and even go on dates with some of the most
beautiful women in the land. This eventually leads you to the
ultimate confrontation of evil which the entire fate of the Meis's
world hangs in the balance. 
Endow every weapon with a special elemental characteristic: such as light,
water, wind, earth, and fire.

With every successful date or encounter, learn special attacks and spells like,
the Storm Binder, Tornado Voice, and the Dancing Knife.

Discover the power of the Holy Flame and you can call upon the strength of the
"Elementals" to rain destruction upon your enemies.

Forge powerful weapons for you and your comrades with every level gained.

This is the story of Meis Triumph and his journey to save the
people from the Dianovan Empire's reign of terror and oppression.
Having been raised within a circle of Spirit Blacksmiths, Meis was
enjoying his life in Kant, a nature-filled town in Tradguld. However,
Dianova's conquest reached the remote town of Kant, and the
people were forced to evacuate from their homes. Separated from
his family, Meis reaches the town of Boyzby and meets Sodina.
From here, the story unfolds.... 

Stephen Rainone on Tuesday, August 1, 2000 at 13:54:17
When battling the evil emporer, the fist form u can use your summons and after the second battle 
they will be full! then use revive ex and it will recover your status except bad status like if u died of 
poison parilize ect. and you summons too!!
Josie Collier  on Wednesday, May 24, 2000 at 05:54:22
Please could you tell me if i could play this game on a UK playstation or is it not compatible, i have not 
got an adaptor of any sort to transfer american to english, mine is purely English playstation, also if it is 
compatible, how much will it cost in English sterling. 


Faster and more powerful attacks
When in a battle, when the options come up keep tapping forward and X at the same time and your attacks 
will either be faster or more powerful Note: This only works on weapon attacks and does not apply to specials 
or items

More dates
You can date extra characters in the game. One of them is Palma Estarte- she is one of the priestess in the 
langoud(the giant ship town.) You can date her if the Langoud was fixed and after you defeat Dianova.
You can also date the first girl you saw during the prologue of the game, she's the one with the backpack. You 
can date her if you come back to Kant. After reaching Myscatonia and receiving warp, talk to the girl standing 
still at the tree repeatedly. Eventually she'll ask you a question several times. Answer that you saw her earlier 
then you can date her. 
You can also date Kanouka (Soushi's sister) if you have the warp from Metalia go back to Boyzby town. Go to 
a restaurant you'll see a girl that is Kanouka. Talk to her afterwards and you can date her. 
You can also date Metalia in Myscatonia and the girl who fixed Langoud.

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