Tired of 6 hour rounds of golf? Looking for a way to 
prove your golfing skills? Tiger Woods PGA Tour 
2000 for the PlayStation picks up the pace, fine-tunes 
the ball pysics and makes golf fun. Whether you’re 
playing as one of 6 PGA Tour pros making a run at 
the leaderboard in Tour Mode or just practicing your 
short game at the Practice Facility, this game keeps 
you wanting more. 
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Be the next Tiger. Be the next legend. Play on the course as Tiger Woods or
any of 6 other PGA Tour pros.

Select from five exclusive PGA Tour courses including Pebble Beach.

Fade, draw or angle yuor shot for the best approach with unprecendented
real-time Analog Swing Control.

Tour Mode: Play in five tournaments on five different courses.

Eight game modes including Tournament, Stroke Play, The Skins Game and

Think you can beat the AmEx card carrying Tiger Woods at his own
game? Well, now's your chance to beat him or be him! You can
play as Tiger or against him as one of several exclusive PGA Tour
pros. This game delivers what you want. Tiger, the PGA TOUR, and
Pebble Beach. All yours! 

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