Time Crisis tips
When Rachel, the President's daughter, is kidnapped by a madman, it's up to secret agent Richard Miller to save the day.  The only thing standing between Richard and Rachel is an army of henchmen, a dozen or so murderous ninjas, and a few robotic assassins, just for good measure.  The odds are tough, but with the Namco Guncon to even the score, Richard's got a fighting chance.
Features the complete arcade hit, plus a new original scenario for the Playstation game console.
Hidden areas to discover throughout the game
Multiple endings, each linked to how well you complete your mission
Challenge the Story Mode or sharpen your shooting skills in Time Attack Mode
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Easier Game
     When you choose the normal story mode from the title screen and can
     choose either Normal Play or Time Attack, shoot anywhere
     off-screen. The words EASY will appear next to the Normal Play
     mode on the screen. This gives you 5 hits in the game, and not just 3!

Options Menu

     In the Main Menu (third selection box under "TIME CRISIS" screen),
     use the gun to shoot the "R" in "TIME CRISIS" two times, then shoot
     the "+" over the "TIME CRISIS" twice. If successful, a new menu will
     appear where you can select up to 9 lives, unlimited continues and

Pedal Trick
     If you have a racing controller with a foot pedal, plug it into the second
     controller port and use the foot pedal to duck. It's the closest you can
     get to the arcade without buying a stand-up console.

     If you don't have a foot pedal, try this but be sure to take off your
     shoes first. Plug a normal controller in Port 2, and place it on the floor
     where you can reach it. You can now step on any of the buttons (X,
     O, etc) and that will make your character hide.