Bigger, Badder and Better Than Ever!

Join Lara in her biggest adventure to date 
in the phenomenal Tomb Raider
Series.  Play through five huge worlds, in 
any order, on the quest for an ancient
meteor rumored to have life-giving powers.
 From the jungles of India to the icy
wastes of Antarctica, Lara is ready for anything.
 prepare to be amazed!
"Just Stunning!  The best one yet!"
New Locations: Play in any order as you follow Lara through the South Pacific, Antarctic, Area 51, London and India
New Moves and Vehicles: Speed dash, monkey swing, kayak and quad bike help Lara out of tricky situations
New Weapons and Enemies: Defend against hyenas, monkeys, piranhas, adn the infamous T-Rex with new weapons like the Grenade Launcher, Desert Eagle and Rocket Launcher!
Hi-Res Graphics: and Dual Shock Analog Control for the first time on the Playstation.


"Lara Croft is our kind of action hero!" Rolling Stone

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                              When Eidos first released the original Tomb
                               Raider back in 1996, the gaming world was
                               stunned. The ability to control a sexy,
                               gun-toting lead character in a completely
                               three dimensional world with the option to
                               run, jump, grapple and shoot was more than
                               enough to show off the PlayStation's
                               unexplored possibilities.

                               A year later, Eidos' superstar heroine, Lara
                               Croft, set out on her second adventure into
                               the ever-changing console market. And with a
                               score of tougher, more intricately designed
                               levels as well as a bevy of new moves and a
                               heavily action-skewed quest, the world was
                               deservedly still in awe of the woman and her
                               legendary abilities. But the new generation of
                               games and technology was creeping up fast.
                               With Legend of Zelda on the console
                               horizon for 1998 and PlayStation titles
                               like Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid showing off the unrealized
                               power of the system, what would Tomb Raider III be bringing to the

                               Gameplay, level design and an incredible amount of control over the
                               main character were the main elements that first hooked Tomb
                               Raider devotees. Add to this mix a glamorous, gun-slinging
                               top-heavy brunette to stick onto the box and you have the series that
                               spawned countless clones. Through the evolution of the series, little
                               has changed in the gameplay, which both hurts and helps Tomb
                               Raider III. Despite new moves such as a crawl and a monkey bar
                               climb along with a few new vehicles (ATV, kayak, etc.), controlling
                               Lara in Tomb Raider III is identical to her first two adventures. Her
                               movements are no more fluid, nor is she anymore flexible than
                               before. The fact that the control was fairly spot-on at the start of the
                               series means that it works well throughout three whole games, but at
                               the same time the series feels a bit stunted in its growth. There is no
                               progress or evolution. But beyond the control scheme, the whole of
                               Tomb Raider III feels more like an expansion pack to the series than
                               a completely new game.

                               No single area of gameplay has been improved or changed enough
                               to warrant it as a leap in technology or game design. Subtle changes
                               include action and puzzles being carefully balanced to even out the
                               heavy dose of action that turned off some fans in the second title.
                               There are fewer enemies to deal with and the levels have become
                               more complicated in design. Core has even included branching paths
                               throughout some of the levels to keep the game from feeling too
                               linear. Often the difference between paths is the level of difficulty and
                               access to certain secrets. But they aren't implemented in a way to
                               really affect the game in any profound way.

                               The real meat of Core's attempt at moving away from an overly
                               linear pattern of progress is the player's ability to choose which level
                               he or she would like to play through after completing the first four
                               stages. From this point, you are able to choose from three different
                               regions to explore, but endgame remains the same. This touch adds
                               a nice feel, in that the player might not feel as limited to traveling
                               down a set track to the end.

                               But even with all of these clever new features and options, Tomb
                               Raider III remains roughly the same game as its predecessors. With
                               more stages, a higher level of difficulty and much more complex level
                               designs, this installment is clearly not aimed at the TR novice.
                               Puzzling dead ends and grueling action sequences will intimidate
                               even the most experienced Tomb Raiders. At many turns, you may
                               even find yourself trapped in a figurative corner, with seemingly no
                               way to get out or retry a move without having to start the level over
                               again. While some patient investigation and countless hours of
                               exploration make each situation surmountable, when you're
                               frustrated and stuck you'll be quick to blame the game's overly
                               confusing level design.

                               "Confusing level design" can in turn be blamed on the overuse of
                               dark and pixelly textures. With all the talk of "hi-resolution triangle
                               polygons" and expanded lighting effects in Tomb Raider III, the
                               results are nowhere near as impressive on the PlayStation as on a
                               3D accelerated PC. The PlayStation port suffers from unbearably
                               dark stages and an overflooding of rough textures that obscure
                               passages and make certain areas of gameplay more difficult than
                               they need be. When set next to the dark, moody ambience of Metal
                               Gear Solid, Tomb Raider III appears clumsy and visually rough
                               when the player is left stumbling through confusing alleyways fighting
                               unseen enemies in the dark.

                               Sometimes it may seem difficult to continue to praise the Tomb
                               Raider series in light of other games that seem to ambitiously use
                               untapped PlayStation powers (Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer 4) or
                               take gameplay to new heights of creativity (Metal Gear Solid). But
                               despite it's apparent shortcomings and signs of age, Tomb Raider III
                               does offer solid gameplay and a continuance of what some gamers
                               still cherish about the series.

                               While the game merits the title "Tomb Raider 2.5" rather than Tomb
                               Raider III, it still possesses enough of the original spark to challenge
                               devoted converts to join Lara Croft for one more journey before the
                               floodgates open for the next generation systems. 

All Secrets and Keys
While playing press L2x5, R2, L2x3, R2, L2, R2, L2x2, R2, L2x2, R2, L2x2.

All Weapons, Medkits, Flares and Save Crystals
While playing press L2, R2x2, L2x4, R2, L2, R2x2, L2, R2x2, L2x2, R2, L2x2, R2.

Find the Key in Lara's House
To find the key to Lara's race track you first need to lock the butler in the freezer.  Then go to your bed room and get the flairs
in the room next to her bed.

Next go down the hall and go into the attic and light a flair.  Find the green or blue box and push it forword twice.  Leave the
attic and go to the library in the upstairs.  On the bookshelf on the wall on the right there is a book that you have to push.

After you push it the fire in the fire place will go out.  Go into the fire place and turn left you should be abel to climb the wall to
a secret passage follow the passage to a room.

In the room climb up onto the ledge and push the box from the attic to the left.  Then go to the other end of the ledge, light a
flair and pull the lever on the wall.  While the door opening scene runs press CIRCLE to turn around and run to the door under
the stairs.

Once down there find another green box and pull it back once and to the right once. Jump up into the secret passage and into
the water. Swim around the tank to the other side but stay neer the glass and you find the key in the water. You can find it by
looking around the fish tank in the basement.

Level Skip
While playing press L2, R2, L2x2, R2, L2, R2, L2, R2, L2x4, R2, L2, R2x4, L2.

Racetrack Key
To get the racetrack key press R2, L2x3, R2, L2x6, R2, L2x5, R2, L2x2 while playing in Lara's manshion.

Secret Room in Lara's Mansion
When you enter the mansion go to her pool. Behind the diving board there is a switch. Press it to open a door in the main room
with a switch behind it. Pull the switch and quickly turn around and sprint for the room across the hall. Inside you'll find some of
the artifacts she's collected on her adventures.

Training Mode Glitch
Go to Lara's outdoor assault course and get to the point where you're about to ride on the zip line. DON'T! Instead, walk to
the top right corner of the square you are standing in (assuming you are facing toward the shooting range.)

Position yourself so that you are standing diagonally facing the perimeter wall. Get as close to the corner as you can then jump
straight up and press the ACTION button. Do this until Lara leaps HIGH into the air and winds up very high over the course.
Don't run around.

Now face the red square that's floating in the air and WALK to the edge. Move Lara so she is directly facing the red square
and do a regular STANDING JUMP. When on the red square, move so that she is facing the opposite way that she was facing
when you were in front of the zip line. Now walk to the corner facing the back of the course.

Press back once then run and jump. If done correctly you should be on the roof. From the roof you can jump into the area
where the quad bike is. NO KEY REQUIRED. Have fun!