Egypt. Land of mythology, mystery, pharoahs... and the most 
complex tombs known to man. Tombs littered with mazes, 
puzzles and traps, designed to drive even the most persistent 
raiders to distraction... or to their deaths. So great is the glory 
of discovery that the fanatical explorer will risk life itself in order 
to discover and plunder their hearts...Into this dangerous land 
travels Lara Croft, on her most exciting adventure yet. 
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* Epic Storyline: Follow Lara back to Egypt where she returns to her roots, 
both in gameplay and storyline.

* State of the art graphics: single skin technology allows a smoother character 
model with no split elbow and knees; bump-mapping brings 3D textures to life.. 

* Completely new puzzle types based on new moves and inventory development. 

* Inventory based management system allows players to control and combine 
content of inventory without leaving the game world. 

* Gameplay and FMV sequences seamlessly woven together for one continuous gaming experience.

The prospect of exploring a virgin tomb deep in the belly of the desert cannot be 
ignored by an adventurer so determined as Lara Croft ... but with this discovery 
comes a price that could cost the earth. 

Based entirely in Egyptian locations, Last Revelation's plot revolves around ancient 
mythology and the alignment of the stars at the millennium. Finding herself in a serious 
predicament, Lara's objective is clear from the outset - she must escape a terrifying 
destiny and rectify a situation that threatens to destroy humanity. 

The storyline is driven seamlessly through gameplay via advanced engine technology. 
New programming routines allow gameplay to dissolve into cut-scenes and FMV - loading 
screens are eliminated and the adventure becomes a continuous experience. 

Last Revelation's redesigned inventory system gives Tomb Raider brand-new gameplay. 
The traditional inventory rings are now obsolete - the interface is totally redesigned, allowing 
items to be combined, collected and stored. The new inventory also features Lara's diary 
and a location map that may be accessed for hints and tips. Application of the 
transformed system gives new life to puzzle elements - a key feature of Last Revelation. 
Combined with Lara's new moves and abilities, gameplay features greater scope than ever before. 

Clear objectives and smaller locations result in less time spent travelling between 
areas. Individual environments are more reminiscent of the original game - tightly focused 
and puzzle-orientated, but with higher levels of detail and a greater number of objects than 
seen before. An emphasis on ancient locations and tombs etc. allows mystery, suspense 
and characteristic atmosphere to play key roles throughout. 

To further the atmospheric detail, the lighting system now features spotlighting. New 
environment mapping also allows a variety of surfaces and objects to reflect and 
react to light sources. Bump mapping is also featured to significantly 
increase graphical definition. 

Lara herself is also remodelled - fully skinned and more detailed. A range of new 
moves, both simple and complex, has enabled designers to create an assortment of 
brand new puzzle and trap mechanisms for Lara to negotiate. In terms of accessible 
gameplay, Last Revelation is able to offer greater range than any of its predecessors. 
New technology features a wealth of original elements and effects designed to give 
a more focused and compelling experience. 

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