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Enter the medieval world of Vagrant Story and experience a suspenseful thriller filled with 
conspiracy, hate, and mystery. Combat is handled in real-time, supported by the Status, 
Weapon and Chain Craft Systems. Players are given greater freedom during battle sequences, 
making strategic planning a definite must in order to survive this intense thriller. 
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Vagrant Story is quite a departure from the Square's former set of RPGs. More of a blend of adventure and RPG 
elements that a purebred of either genre, the game uses a darkly shaded brown and reddish color palette, realtime 
fights, and cartoon-style text bubbles to stand out from the crowd of RPGs in a stylish new way.  In Vagrant Story, 
Matsuno-san delivers true Square goodness from the Middle Ages of Europe. The central character of the drama is 
a first-class criminal-handling agent by the name of Ashley Riot. Starting out from Valendia, Ashley investigates the 
suspicious death of the Marquis Bardorba, and traces the clues back to the suspected murderer. Although it's not 
certain how battles are handled just yet, from the looks of the screen-shots, it appears they are handled in realtime, 
with characters battling it out in hand to hand combat. Ashley and many other characters in the game also take on 
realistic characteristics, just like the characters in Final Fantasy VIII. 

But Matsuno is not alone on Vagrant Story. He has exquisite help in the name of Akihiko Yoshida, the character 
designer for Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Battle. The new information on the other characters in the story seems 
more and more to play out like a game of Clue. First is Sydney Losstarot, who is the most likely suspect in the 
murder of Marquis Bardorba. Square went back to great theater with its nod to Shakespearean characters in Romeo 
Guildenstern, who is the leader of the knights of Valendia. And then there's Duke Bardoroa, a veteran and former civil 
war hero, and finally, Callo Merlose, the central female, who's also a VKP information analysis specialist. 

What separates this mostly action-based game unique from others is the way in which characters take damage and 
the newly created Target Dom system. With the status window up, six separate status gauges appear. Each gauge 
shows a different part of the body: right arm, left arm, head, neck, body and legs. Each gauge demonstrates how 
different parts are affected. An accumulation of damages will affect the player's movement, such as heavy or slow 
arm movement or an inability to run. This system will also apply to the monsters and enemies. In some cases, 
monsters may have body parts that are noticeably weaker than others, providing a hint as to where to attack them. 
players choose to attack various parts of the enemy's body. Each part reacts differently and with a range of damage. 
In some cases, if the enemy is extremely weak in say, his chest area, players can pinpoint that specific section and 
often dish out a fatal blow. 

Along with the new character info are weapon details. Three styles of weapons make up the core of the game's weapon 
system, Swords, Short Swords, and Guns. The real difference is the in the range of each. Called WT (Wait Time), the 
weapons each have a specific length of time before they can attack. The longer the range of the weapon, the longer the 
charge, the longer the WT. Along with WTs are RP, i.e. Risk Points. Longer range weapons are less accurate but more 
critical or fatal, and therefore have more RPs. Short and medium range weapons, following this logic, have less RPs and 
less WTs. 

Another interesting note is that each weapon and piece of armor accumulates levels of power. With more use, they 
become specialized and extremely powerful against individualized types of enemies. 

Another unique feature to Vagrant Story is its weapon system. In Vagrant Story, every weapon consists of different parts. 
For example, a sword is an assembly of parts, such as the blade, the grip, and a power stone.Assembling different parts 
will make unique weapons. Furthermore, weapons can accrue ""experience"" each time your player uses them to kill a 
monster, as seen in many RPGs. The last few details are that the entire game is polygonal and texture-mapped, and there 
will be no multi-ending. We'll have more in the upcoming weeks. but for now, here are a load screenshots and a movie of the 
entire trailer... it's worth the download. 

Last, the characters in Vagrant Story are capable of casting spells. Inside the houses and dungeons, players should look 
for books, in which spells reside, waiting to be called out. Spells each have individual ranges and some require special items 
to attain new levels. 

Another system in the game, called the Craft system, administers the way in which players attack, according to Magic Box. 
During a fight, players have access to a Break, Chain, or Defense Craft. Break Crafts are a straight conduit for direct attacks. 
Chain Crafts increase attack power or provide poison or paralyzing variations, and Defense Crafts help to strategize how to take 
damage, such as reducing damage. Also, characters will learn new Crafts as they gain experience. 

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