In a world where mythology and technology are one, a young man and his motley 
crew of friends are unwillingly drawn into a holy war being waged by a bloodthirsty 
general and his army of darkness. Join the charismatic Bastion as he realizes his 
destiny to lead the rebellion against the Junaris Kingdom…and to save the people 
of his world from an eternity of oppression! 
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A little bit Final Fantasy Tactics, and a little bit Macross, Vanguard Bandits looks to inject a little change into the 
strategy/RPG, anime style. While Square's Front Mission series has been working the ""mecha strategy"" angle for 
five games now, they haven't really gone for a distinctive anime look. 
Vanguard Bandits, on the other hand, is all about the anime look. As the young hero Bastion, you and your friends 
will guide your mechs (called ATAC here), throughout the continent of Cretia. A huge cival war among the various 
kingdoms on Cretia broke out years ago, and the ATAC finally brought the wars to close. Unfortunately, history often 
repeats itself and Bastion finds himself in the middle of the second continent-wide wars, but what his role in it actually 
is remains to be seen. 

While Vanguard Bandits looks and feels a little like Final Fantasy Tactics (which is a good thing), the camera switches 
to a closer, 3D perspective, which gives you a sense of intensity and ""being there"" action. The battle system should 
be familiar if you have played Final Fantasy Tactics and Vandal Hearts, using a turn-based, top-down grid system, 
enabling you to move your characters strategize, and attack. Each battle is made up of quick battles, and the menus 
aren't terribly complex, which is quite nice for casual gamers and newbies.

Vanguard Bandits sports a relatively simple color scheme, but the mechas are phenomenally ornate and detailed, in 
traditional Japanese style. The game's environments offer varying levels of terrain, enabling 3D movement in just about 
any area you want. The areas are a mix of countrysides and towns. 

Otherwise, the preview build that Working Designs handed to us was solid, but still sported a slightly hiccuped framerate 
during the intro to battle sequences, and was a bit sparse in the way of details when the mechs fought. There's no doubt 
that games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Vandal Hearts were strong influences, as their interface and battle styles are 
duplicated here in pretty much the same way (albeit completely in 3D). 

If Working Designs can add a little more detail into the graphics and hammer out a consistent frame rate, Vanguard Bandits 
could be interesting. Here we are constantly bombarded with questions as to when the next Final Fantasy Tactics is 
coming, and since Sony and Square have essentially said there won't be another one, perhaps Vanguard Bandits can fill 
that much-needed void. 

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