Savage dinosaur fighting in the world of Jurassic Park. There are 14 unique dinosaurs, 
over 10 fighting arenas, edible power-ups, and destructible environments
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Flesh-ripping claws. Bone-crushing jaws. Jurassic Park rages when its deadliest creatures face-off in rabid 
combat. Fight as the T-Rex, Mega Raptor, or one of 12 other dinosaurs in this fighting game of gigantic scale. 
Attack with razor-sharp teeth and killer moves. Rampaging beasts crush cars and trigger explosions in 14 levels 
based on the scenes from Jurassic Park and The Lost World. Deafening screams charge the air and an adrenalized 
soundtrack incites intense combat. 

Pick your predator and prepare to leave no stone unturned, no structure standing. 


Unlock choice battle and survival mode...the hard way
Start a game on easy and beat it without dying and you will unlock these cheats 

Unlocking everything...the hard way
This takes time, but it's not too tough. Every two times you beat the game, a new dino is unlocked. Here's a rundown:

Beat the game once-Secret modes 
Beat the game 2 times-Carchar 
Beat the game 4 times-Pachy 
Beat the game 6 times-Spino 
Beat the game 8 times-Trike 
Beat the game 10 times-Cyro 
Beat the game 12 times-Alberto 
Beat the game 14 times (once with every character)-Exhibition mode.