"The complexity and puzzle solving elements really make Wild 9 stand out from the
                                                           -Extreme PlayStation

"Wild 9 is a true Shiny game"

"Tantalising platformer that looks like raising the graphical stakes to yet another level
of marvellousness."
                                                          -Total PlayStation (UK)

"It contains the best 3D animations we've seen"
                                                           -Official PlayStation

"Explosive platform action - the Wild 9 are here and they're packing some awesome
weaponry.. Levels are huge, varied and gorgeous to look at as well as play...Graphics
to die for, loadsa adrenalin"
                                                            -PlayStation Plus

"The graphics and animation of the backgrounds is surely breathtaking....basically
everything the Playstation has to offer in graphical prowess seems to be thrown in
                                                           -Absolut PlayStation

The developers of EARTHWORM JIM bring you an intergalactic battle of
good vs evil guaranteed to re-igite your passion for video gaming.

Forget simple jumping and running Wild 9 is the first game ever to let you torture your enemies! Use the Mangler or the Decapitator to finish them off.
Forget wimpy bosses.  In Wild 9, you face KARN - the largest enemy ever in a video game - his face is the size of New York!
Forget stupid tail whipping, butt bouncing games.  Wild 9 lets you burn your enemies to a crisp before dancing on heir alien graves!
Forget getting lost in mazes.  Wild 9 is all action from the moment you hit START!
Forget endless running, hop on the Space Bike and get ready for the adrenaline rush of your life!

And lock the Door to Your Room.

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                               The story of Wild 9 is well known to gamers
                               following the saga of Shiny's Dave Perry.
                               When the game initially started production
                               over two years ago, the span of progress
                               failed to meet with Perry's strict vision of what
                               he wanted the game to be and was headed in
                               wrong direction. The game, as it was, was
                               mostly scrapped and a new team of designers
                               and programmers were hired to both speed up
                               the process and make Wild 9 meet Perry's
                               exacting standards. And under the tightest of
                               deadlines, the team succeeded in producing a
                               small miracle.

                               Wild 9 is an action/platformer, in the strictest
                               sense of the term. With its main emphasis on
                               the torture of your enemies, as Wex (the
                               leader of the Wild 9) you must traverse a
                               universe of planets in search of your
                               kidnapped friends. While doing so, Wex must
                               use his "Rig" (a weapon attached to his arm
                               that emits an electric lasso of sorts) to capture
                               enemies and use them in multiple ways that
                               will help him progress.

                               The ways in which you can use an enemy are
                               usually comprised of some seriously brutal
                               torture. The Rig can lasso an enemy like a
                               long rope or strong wire and can then be used
                               to smash, carry or throw them around, much
                               to their dismay. In fact, not only are you
                               encouraged to torture your enemies, but you
                               must do so at certain intervals in order to
                               unlock puzzles or access a new area.

                               Enemies are used to break spiked turbines,
                               stop flame throwers, cross spiked gaps and
                               countless other things by using their flailing
                               bodies as stoppers and "switch throwers." At
                               the end of every level you are also awarded
                               points for how well you tortured your
                               enemies. This is definitely not a platformer in
                               the Super Mario or Sonic sense.

                               Visually, the game is incredibly solid. Utilizing
                               a high range of colored lighting effects,
                               countless character animations and very
                               clean textures, Wild 9 convincingly depicts
                               an industrial, space-age upgrade of any
                               platformer that has come before. Though
                               space and depth are given a 3D look, gameplay is designed much like Crystal
                               Dynamics' Pandemonium, in that you are usually given only side-scrolling
                               directional movement from one side of the screen to the other. The
                               exceptions are the special modes of the game: falling, bike and boss.

                               At different points in the game you'll encounter a special level where Wex is
                               falling down a shaft while an enemy tries to smash him into a wall. At other
                               key points (like confronting sub-bosses), there is a speeder bike mode (much
                               like Return of the Jedi). Finally, some of the bosses inhabit a wide open area
                               that you must run around while the boss (invariably huge) chases you. There
                               is no point that the game utilizes full 3D environments, however. While this
                               may come as a disappointment to those accustomed to 3D titles like Croc or
                               Tomb Raider, this approach serves to keep the focus on action and
                               gameplay, not exploration.

                               With very simple and responsive controls, Wild 9 allows the gamer to
                               practice some old-school arcade skill. But at times, the controls for
                               manipulating the enemies with the Rig can feel a little loose and makes
                               torture, well... often torturous. If you don't use the enemies as stoppers or
                               tools for accessing a new area or destroying an obstacle, you can destroy
                               them by simply smashing them from one side to the other around three or
                               four times. This motion is slowed and made somewhat awkward by the loose
                               clumsiness of the back and forth motion on the D-pad. But aside from this
                               problem, the actual controls for Wex are smooth and very responsive.

                               There is a distinct and predictable formula to platformers like Wild 9. Trek
                               across a level, take out the enemies and figure out how to get past
                               progressively harder obstacles. Then move in on a boss. This is a formula
                               that has survived through the 8-bit and 16-bit eras, and Wild 9 respresents
                               its predecessors wonderfully. The game borrows the great gameplay aspects
                               of past side scrolling platformers, adds the visual flair of 32-bit, and delivers a
                               technologically topnotch, but familiar, gaming experience that should give
                               veteran gamers a nostalgic experience.

                               Unfortunately, this formula may not be what today's gamers are accustomed
                               to. Beyond the torture elements in Wild 9, there really isn't much else beyond
                               the draw of the genre (which is becoming a niche gameplay category with the
                               saturation of 3D gaming on the market) to really attract gamers and keep them
                               for the long run.

                               With a very high starting difficulty level, you are only be granted a continue
                               by collecting 99 Gears throughout a level. While this is not impossible or
                               incredibly difficult, it's fairly brutal for the casual gamer looking to pick up
                               and play a game easily off the bat. Only those who are dedicated to
                               completely beating the game and immersing themselves for the long run will
                               be encouraged to forge ahead and continue. Add to this a lack of distinct
                               variety in levels and many gamers may not find Wild 9 to present enough
                               depth. And this is the dividing line between those who will love Wild 9 and
                               those who will hate it. If you take the game at face value and enjoy it as pure
                               entertainement, you won't be disappointed. 


99 Lives
This can take awhile but its worth it. In the Centerscape level, the first pylon that blocks your view of Wex has a 1-Up in it. Just
jump up and get it. Now press START to pause the game, then hit SELECT to quit the level. Enter the Centerscape level again
and the 1-Up will reappear. Repeate as desired up to a maximum of 99 lives.