Win the World for Your Country
-All 32 World Cup France Qualifying
  Teams: Take your favorite team - and
  players -  to the World Cup Final
-New World Cup Classics: Play 8 of
  the greatest World Cup Final Matches
  of all time
-New On-The-Fly In-Game
  Management: Change attack strategies
  and formations at will
-New On-The-Fly In-Game Tactics:
  Run preset plays to score the winning
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Access the World Cup Classic Mode!
Win the world cup to acess the world cup classic mode. You can use the special customised teams like 1930 Argentina and others. You will be able to use the legend Pele too! Just play each od the classic matches to open up the other matches.

Special Goal Sounds
When a goal is scored by either team, you can get secret sounds by pressing any of the Triangle, Square, Circle, or X buttons.