In this multiplayer arena fighting game featuring one 
of the most influential rap groups of our time, Wu-Tang: 
Shaolin Style challenges you to battle to advance as 
in ancient Chinese tradition through the 36 skill chambers 
of martial arts. 
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Fight as one of nine Shaolin warriors from the renowned Wu-Tang Clan. 

Combo your way into fast, violent Kung Fu action in one- to four-player battles. 

Battle through the 36 skill chambers to unveil a shocking ending.

Wage war as one of nine Shaolin warriors from the famous rap group, including RZA, 
Ol' Dirty Bastard, Method Man, and Raekwon. Master each warrior's arsenal of attack 
moves, multi-hit combos, taunts, fatality kills, and counterattacks as you battle nine 
of their equally lethal alter egos. 

Fast Kung Fu fighting action via a highly anticipated multiplayer engine features one-to 
four-player battles, multiple combo attacks and stunning fatality animations. 

Choose three battle modes, including Practice, Single Match Versus and the classic 
Kung Fu-movie style, Story mode. 

Enter the world of the Wu-Tang Clan as you battle through an intricate system of 
realistic 3-D fighting arenas - from Staten Island streets to a Chinatown warehouse 
to a mythological Shaolin temple in ancient China. Track your progress from arena 
to arena through masterful in-game cinematics. 

Brian Jones  on Tuesday, December 14, 1999 at 21:07:59
I just bought this game today,and i must say it is cool as hell. A fresh new way to present a fighting game. I also like playing as real people instead of made up one. Sure this game does not have the best grphics in the world,but the amount of fun and good 'ol violence easily makes up for it. The music is good too,i just wish they could of had some more old-school wu-tang songs. This is a must buy for gamers looking for a fresh new perspective on fighting games.I don't know any codes yet.
Hamish on Monday, November 29, 1999 at 21:58:44
This game is for the rappers out there for special cheat screen type in this code 
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Key to The 36 Chambers of the Wu-Tang Clan.
Chambers are unlocked if you perform a certain task. Each Wu-Tang member must find his own path to the 36 Chambers (ie, you
must play with everybody to unlock everything). Groups of Chambers unlock secrets (groups are denoted by color). You must be
in the Story Mode to unlock Chambers. Here is the key to the Chambers:

Gain: A Variation Arena is opened in the Versus mode. 

     Chamber #1 ==> Join the Quest... Awarded for Courage. (Play as that character) 
     Chamber #2 ==> Defeat the 'Courtyard in the Ghetto' variation arena. 
     Chamber #3 ==> Defeat two arenas in a row without continuing. 
     Chamber #4 ==> Perform a 4-hit combo. 
     Chamber #5 ==> Defeat the bridge level. 

Gain: Character's second Fatality (Finish a round with any Punch 2 [TRIANGLE] move) 

     Chamber #6 ==> Complete four levels in a row without continuing. 
     Chamber #7 ==> Perform a 5-hit combo. 
     Chamber #8 ==> Perform a 6-hit combo. 
     Chamber #9 ==> Perform a 'swap' move (SQUARE+CIRCLE) 
     Chamber #10 ==> Perform a 7-hit combo. 

Gain: Character's third Fatality (Finish a round with any Kick 1 [X] move)

     Chamber #11 ==> Perform a 8-hit combo. 
     Chamber #12 ==> Perform a 9-hit combo. 
     Chamber #13 ==> Throw opponents at least four times in one match. 
     Chamber #14 ==> Finish a foe with Fatality 2. 
     Chamber #15 ==> Eliminate three enemies while in 'Double-D' Rage mode. 

Gain: Unlock Character Art for your character and his model-swap counterpart.

     Chamber #16 ==> Block five enemy attacks. 
     Chamber #17 ==> Defeat the Barge Variation level. 

Gain: Secret Character Outfit.

     Chamber #18 ==> Evade all enemies for 15 seconds. 
     Chamber #19 ==> Use the Rage meter to defeat a foe. 
     Chamber #20 ==> Defeat the Warehouse Variation level. 

Gain: Unlock your rival (model-swap) in the Versus and Practice mode.

     Chamber #21 ==> Perform a Tech Roll. 
     Chamber #22 ==> Defeat the second Warehouse Variation level. 
     Chamber #23 ==> Defeat the Chinatown Square Variation level. 

Gain: Model-swap character's fourth Fatality (Finish a round with any Kick 2 [CIRCLE] move)

     Chamber #24 ==> Defeat Chinatown Sewers level. 
     Chamber #25 ==> Perform a 10-hit combo. 

Gain: Character's fourth Fatality (Finish a round with any Kick 2 [CIRCLE] move)

     Chamber #26 ==> Defeat Airport Hangar level.. 
     Chamber #27 ==> Complete a level without losing a life. 
     Chamber #28 ==> Finish a foe with Fatality 3. 
     Chamber #29 ==> Defeat six arenas in a row without continuing. 

Gain: Boss's second Fatality [You must unlock the boss] (Finish a round with any Punch 2 [TRIANGLE] move)

     Chamber #30 ==> Defeat eight arenas in a row without continuing. 

Gain: Character's fifth Fatality (Finish a round with any Throw) 

     Chamber #31 ==> Defeat Forgotten Temple level. 
     Chamber #32 ==> Defeat Shaolin Temple level. 
     Chamber #33 ==> Defeat ten arenas in a row without continuing. 
     Chamber #34 ==> Finish a foe with Fatality 4. 
     Chamber #35 ==> Defeat a foe without losing any energy (just one round -- don't go killing yourself over this one just yet). 

Gain: Unlock a function in the options menu. 

     Chamber #36 ==> Defeat Mong Zhu and gain all 36 Chambers. 

NOTE: The gained functions vary by character. The given rewards are from using Method Man, and give you a good idea of
what to expect when you've collected a set of Chambers. However, the game has a complicated secret system that encourages
you to use every Wu-Tang character completely (and master him in Practice mode). You can expect similar results when using
other Wu-Tang members, but you will not always get the same results (for instance, GZA's Blue Chambers unlock his second
Fatality; Masta Killa unlocks the Ninja game mode [fight in a darkened arena] ). 

Secret RZA Character
At versus mode, while choosing the RZA, press and hold select and then press X to select him. When you begin to fight you will
see a character named "Fearmentor". 

Use Secrets Game Modes On One Player Versus
To use the secret game modes in one player, select the game mode you want from the secrets menu. Then select versus mode
from the main menu. When you select the level you want to play on hold down R1 and R2 at the same time. Do this until you hear
a confirmation sound, then release. 

Wu-Tang "Songs"
Put the game disc in your cd player to hear some new Wu-tang beats and songs.

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