Xena: Warrior Princess challenges players to
master hand-to-hand, weapon and spell
combat, in addition to seeking out hidden
weapons and magic attacks. More than 30
different moves to master, 7 vast worlds to
explore and one seriously tough babe.
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Television's ultimate mythological warrior debuts on the PlayStation
in an action-packed adventure game that remains true to the hit
syndicated series. Combining elements from both fighting and
adventure genres, Xena: Warrior Princess challenges players to
master hand-to-hand, weapon, and spell combat while seeking out
hidden weapons and magic attacks. 
Explore seven vast worlds with 22 sub-levels. 

Meet a cast of characters straight from the television show including Amazon
Bird People, Ares, Hades and Gabrielle. 

Use Xena's own Specai Powers, Signature Moves, and Weapons. 

Battle mystical creature including Minotaurs, Dragons, Ogres, Cyclops, Dryads and more.

Jumping on the TV license bandwagon, EA and Universal are hard at work on a
third-person action/adventure game starring the likeness of Australian Lucy Lawless,
Xena Warrior Princess. That's right, EA and Univeral. 989 Studios sold the publishing
rights (unofficially announced at E3) to EA, whose action and entertainment lineup is
triple that of last year.

Xena Warrior Princess is the kind of game that should appear to the mass-market
crowd, the kind of folks you barely know and who send you holiday gifts in the mail.
Hopefully, Universal is far above the lowest common denominator stuff, and aims Xena
to all gamers, hardcore and casual. 

Armed with a long sword and her razor-sharp, frisbee-style disc, Xena will play through
a series of imaginery landscapes packed with fantastical creatures, monsters, and
magic. It's likely the game takes themes from several of the TV series storylines and
enables Xena to settle her scores and save unwitting villagers from evil nomadic tribes
and tyrannical leaders.

Central sharacters such as Gabrielle and Callisto will make their appearances,
followed the wily by Joxer and crew, who may also show up.

EA hasn't revealed much to any one company yet (though it has given previews to print
magazines), and Xena has been pushed back ever so quietly, but we're excited at the
possibilities. Will this kick Tomb Raider's butt? How will it control? What's the mix of
fighting vs. advevnture. What kind of puzzles will appear? We're just about to find out,
as we emback on a post E3 Editors Day at Elecronic Arts Thursday, May 10. 

Sara sponsler on Tuesday, June 6, 19100 at 23:02:42
I think xena should do some cool tricks with fire like when she spits fire at someone i think 
she should do that to an enemy
Techpriest  on Sunday, March 5, 19100 at 19:17:38
Although I do like the game I don't love it because the camera work sucks.  To fight just 
smack the buttons and move the control pad in circles, you normally can't see who you are
fighting anyway.  I was also frustrated because Xena, with all her skills, can't stand still and 
swing her sword.  If you are on a cliff and want to swing your sword you must first step off the 
cliff.  The best part of the game is the chackram.  When you throw it the camera follows it so 
you can use it as a scout and look ahead.
Melissa  on Saturday, February 12, 19100 at 00:59:45
To throw the cyclops off the cliff, you must throw the chakram, hit his eye, and when he is 
rubbing his eye run forward and use your sword to hit his fingers of the hand that is holding on
Eliza  on Monday, January 10, 19100 at 20:54:53
On the laboryinth level at the end of the halls thers the lever but how to get to it ????  welkl you 
cant jump she wont make it across. take it from me i still did not beat it yet  BUT IF YOU DID 


JAX  on Monday, December 27, 1999 at 10:37:45
Great game with lots of action and hints along the way to let you know what  you are supposed to 
be doing.  The only quibbles I have are primary graphics  (sometimes you can't move only to find 
out that you are stuck at an obstacle
that becomes invisible when you get near to it) and Xena's limited movements. (A devout Laura Croft 
player I was frustrated by the awkward controls and lack of mobility - for example when you press 
the down arrow reasoning says xena should move backwards but instead she turns around and walks 
towards you thus turning her back to her attacker thereby getting clobbered!!)  All in all though its a 
great game although the dragon is freaking impossible to defeat.  I recommend it and I look forward to 
the prospect of additional adventures and a more evolved xena.
Enable All Levels
When you get to main menu keep on New Game press: triangle,square,circle,triangle,square,up,up,up.

Full Shield & Attack 
Highlight “New Game” at the main menu and enter this code: Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square (x2), Up (x3). 
A tone confirms correct entry.

Highlight “New Game” at the main menu and enter this code:Up (x3), Circle, Square, Up, Right, Left. A tone 
confirms correct entry.

Level Select 
Highlight “New Game” at the main menu and enter this code: Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Up, 
Up, Up. A tone confirms correct entry.

Secret Room
In the level "The Labaryth" just as you are about to go into the room to save Xena's friend take a right. There 
will be a series of halls. Follow them to the end. There should be some health potion and a torch on the wall. 
Walk through the wall into a computer lab. How'd that get there? 

Xena's Moves
WINDMILL PUNCH: Hit punch and the kick button at the same time to do her windmill punch. (keep hitting it 
to last longer) You can control which way she moves by pressing up down left and right.
RUNNING SWEEP: Have Xena run and hit the punch button and she will give a low sweep. (works best on the amazons)
LOW HIT: While blocking hit the x button and she will kick people in a very bad place that will disable her enemy. (mainly on men)
AIR KICK: While blocking, hit the kick button and Xena will do a spinning air kick that will throw her enemies off of her.
ACROBATICS: While bloking you can get Xena to do flips and cartweels. When you block hit the directional pad. 
RIGHT for a right cartwheel, LEFT for a left cartwheel, or DOWN for a backwards flip


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