For the first time ever, X-MEN- the most successful comic book property of all 
time- goes 3-D on the Playstation console. Enter the world of the X-MEN--mutant 
Super Heroes pledged to fight for a world that fears and hates them. The X-MEN 
strive to create a place where humankind and mutantkind can live together in peace... 
but evil has other ideas. No one said being a hero was easy.
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X-Men features a state-of-the-art fighting engine and stunning animations, plus real-time character 
morphing and battle damage. Players can battle it out as 14 different X-MEN characters, and as their 
14 alternate timeline variations, in single-player and multiplayer arena-fighting bouts.
The approaching end of the millennium marks the beginning of the evil Apocalypse's return. He has 
taken control of the minds of your fellow X-MEN, as well as your enemies. Now you must fight a series 
of brutal battles to free your allies from his grasp, so that you may once again combat evil together as 
the X-MEN. Advance in skill and transform into your character's ultra-powered alter ego via real-time 
morphing with the Time Ripple mode. Plus, show your war wounds with real-time character battle damage, 
as you fight through interactive environments with multiple 3-D finishing moves. 


Jack Hoff  on Tuesday, August 1, 2000 at 19:22:39

This game is awsome, it is cool because u can have the comic book uniforms or the movies
There is Academy mode wich is traning  (independant and acadamy traning).
There is Arcade mode wich is fighting.
There is Cerebro mode which is where u can unlock fmv secenes, movie pix, comic pix, Behind 
the scenes pixs, a 3rd costume
and u can always watch the movie trailer.
Survival which is fighting.
U can be cyclops, wolvere, gambit, beast, Phoenix,storm, 
and can unlock toad, mystique,sabertooth, and magneto
Tips and cheats

U can unlock toad by  beating acadmey mode
u can unlock mystique by beating arcade mode twice
u can unlock sabertooth by beating arcade mode 3 times
and Magneto by beating it 4 times

Manolo  on Friday, July 28, 2000 at 15:29:21
Rogue is the best character , it's the most biggest in the world , thanks , I love rogue......
Unlock Behind the Scenes Pix in Cerebro Mode
Beat the game with all of the characters in their Movie costumes (select them with Square to 
access those costumes) to unlock the Behind the Scenes pix in Cerebro Mode. 

Unlock Boss Characters
Beat the game with at least four characters to unlock the bosses one by one.

Unlock Character Comic Pix in Cerebro Mode
Beat 10 rounds with any character in Survival Mode while in their normal costume to unlock 
their Comic Pix in Cerebro Mode.

Unlock Character INTRO FMV in the Cerebro Mode
Simply beat the game with any character in Arcade mode to unlock their INTRO FMV in 
Cerebro mode.

Unlock Character Movie Pix in Cerebro Mode
Beat 20 rounds with any character in Survival Mode while in their movie costume to unlock their 
Movie Pix in Cerebro Mode.

Unlock Character OUTRO FMV in Cerebro Mode
Graduate the Acadamy with any character to unlock their OUTRO FMV in Cerebro Mode.

Unlock Historical Comic Pix in Cerebro Mode
Beat the game with all of the characters in their normal costumes to access the Historical Comic 
pix in Cerebro Mode.

Unlock It All
The following code unlocks everything in Cerebro and unlocks the bosses in the rest of the modes. 
To see everything in the game go to the Main menu and press SELECT, UP, L2, R1, L1, R2. When 
entered correctly you'll hear a sound and just enter the Cerebro Mode to check everything out. You 
can also enter the Arcade Mode to play as the bosses. To lock everything back up again just like 
the first time you played the game you have to return to the Main Menu and press SELECT + START. 

Unlock Movie Pix in Cerebro Mode
Beat 20 rounds with Gambit in Survival Mode to unlock the Movie Pix in Cerebro Mode.

Unlock the 3rd Costumes for each character
Graduate the Acadamy with straight A's with any character to unlock their third costume which you 
choose by selecting them with the O button.

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